Packing Tip: Bring a Mending Kit!!

This week, I flew to Miami. On the flight, I noticed an uncomfortable (but obvious only to me) wardrobe malfunction—the underwire to my most important undergarment had broken through the seam and was stabbing me. Now, for those of you who have not experienced this, it is extremely annoying. Especially when you’re trying to pull a suitcase and giant bag through the never ending hallways of MIA. The entire time I was walking to the rental car facility, and the darn thing was poking me in my arm, I was thinking, “Okay. All I have to do is ask the hotel if they have a mending kit I can use. Hotels have those, right? Especially nice ones?” But of course, it slipped my mind as I got to in the car, found the hotel, got up to my room, and changed into my PJs. Ugh. The idea of putting my clothes back on and going down to the lobby was extremely unappealing. Then, I had an epiphany. I had my knitting kit! And my knitting kit contained…… a needle and thread!!! I sewed up the seam, and all was well.

However, I may not always have my entire knitting kit on hand. So I have decided to add a mending kit to my “Stuff I Take On Every Trip” list. They are tiny, available everywhere, often for under $5, and typically include needles, different colored thread, and tiny scissors. (Check out Amazon and Hobby Lobby for tons of options.) Because buttons fall off, seams tear, and underwires poke through, a mending kit is a great thing for all travelers—men and women alike—to keep in their suitcase. Mine will be kept in my toiletry kit so I have it with me on every single trip.

Readers, have you had any wardrobe malfunctions on the road? How did you deal with it?

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  1. actually, I’m a chronic pilferer of the hotel sewing kits with the PRE-THREADED needles in a variety of colors. Elderly relatives (and I) are particularly appreciative of these kits because they can avoid the struggle of threading a needle with less-than-perfect eyes.

  2. On a particularly stubborn wire I ended up using Duct tape …lol. Since then I’ve learned to always pack two of anything critial that can’t be easily and quickly replaced!

    Besides duct tape I also travel with double sided tape which is good for missing buttons and fallen hems.

  3. Will the little tiny scissors make it through security? Or do you have to check those?

  4. You can make a mini-kit with a straw. Cut off a 3-4 inch section of plastic straw. Wrap your most common colored threads around the straw and tape in place. Cover one end of the straw with duct tape. Slide a couple of needles in and seal the other end. Cut the threads with you dental floss cutter (dental floss will work as thread in a pinch too)

    Also take a large safety pin and slide a few buttons on it.

    This is so small You can easily keep it in your toiletry kit.

  5. I have never had a problem taking the tiny scissors in the sewing kit through airport security checkpoints.

    As for the sewing kit as a packing tip, I completely agree. I keep a sewing kit from a past hotel stay in my bag at all times. It never gets unpacked unless I find a better hotel sewing kit to replace it.

  6. Be sure to check that sewing kit to make sure it has safety pins, snaps and spare buttons, not just needle and thread. While in Italy I lost a button for my slacks. I checked and found that my LL Bean shirt had a spare button sewn inside.

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