Quick Etiquette Tip: Throw things away!!

Three weeks ago, I was in San Antonio. It was a short trip, just overnight. After a long day at the office, I pulled into the hotel parking lot, ready to get up to my room and relax. I grabbed my suitcase, dropped my purse on top of it, and headed for the door. As I neared the edge of the parking lot, I was so focused on the air conditioning that I almost stepped on something. Luckily, out of my peripheral vision I saw a white blob on the ground and darted around it. Stopping to get a closer look I realized it was a used diaper. Ugh.

Last week, I was in Miami. It was a productive, if rainy, trip. On the way home, I got to the airport, pulled into the rental car return, and started organizing my things to take them out of the car. While walking around to the passenger door, I kicked something. Looking down I realized it was one of those flossing sticks–used. Ick!!!

Lately, it seems like I have been seeing gross stuff on the ground everywhere. From random trash to diapers to floss sticks, there seem to be more and more people just not throwing things away. Now I know none of my readers would ever just throw trash on the ground, but here is a gentle reminder for everyone else: Please put your trash in trash cans!! It won’t take you that much time, and could save someone else from a gross moment.

Readers, have you seen anything on the ground lately that surprised you?


  1. Ever since I moved from Iowa to DC, I DO NOT pick up anything from the ground. And I don’t leave anything on the ground except apple cores which I fling into a shrubbery or such for the critters to enjoy

  2. To be fair, if you are juggling a kid and luggage it would be very easy to drop a diaper that you intended to throw away without even realizing it. I got back from a business trip with my 4 month old yesterday and I am still flustered!

  3. I’m trying to figure out why someone would take their 4 month old child on a “business” trip? Did he or she attend meetings with you?

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