Longest hallway ever…..

I am probably the last person in the world to have downloaded the Instagram app onto my phone. Honestly, I’m not totally sure why I resisted for so long—it’s so fun! I had no idea my photos could look so cool! Anyway.

A few weeks ago I was in Miami. For those of you who have never been there, it is quite a hike from the rental car facility to the actual terminal. Luckily for large pieces of it there are moving walkways (which, being 7 months pregnant, I did NOT feel guilty for using!). I was in the middle of one of the incredibly long hallways when I realized I was completely alone, which is pretty strange for a very busy airport. It makes for a pretty crazy couple of pictures!

Behind me, a long hallway....


Ahead of me, an even longer hallway!

It kind of looks never ending doesn’t it? I’m just glad most of the moving walkways were working!!


  1. LoL!! MIA’s car rental center’s air train is redicolously far. Add a family to the mix and you’re looking at 30 minutes of ‘fun’! They really, really should run buses as well (I think they used to?) I have seen many elderly people struggle having to walk so much to get to the car rental facility.

  2. You ought to try out the new International concourse in ATL, especially if arriving at E. They have no less than 4 personnel stationed at various intersections within the maze to guide to the appropriate hallway and electric carts as well. I bet you it is no less than a one mile walk. Whoever design that new terminal obviously has never even been in an Airport before. That’s what happens when the low bidder gets a gobmint job.

  3. I agree about the new ATL hike from E terminal to the Atlanta arrivals. There are almost no moving walkways. The walk must be the punishment for thinking about going to the Varsity before an international flight. 🙂

  4. Getting to customs when landing in Miami can be a 20 minute hike and that’s at a brisk pace. I’ve often wondered how some even make it as I pass by.

  5. You should see the hallway at the Sheraton Milan Malpensa – there aren’t any moving walkways and I think it would take most people about 10 minutes to walk end to end…

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