Quick Security Tip: Make sure your pants stay up!

I want to preface this by stating that I don’t usually wear belts for function. That is, pretty much any time I put on a belt it’s for looks, not to actually hold my pants up. So this particular tip actually comes from the Home Warrior, who had a memorable experience while flying this summer. (Pictured: Tumbled Leather Belt in Cognac from Banana Republic, $49.50)

See, he likes to get everything prepped and ready before he even gets into the security line. He wants to have everything out of his pockets and into his bag, his license and boarding pass in his hand, and his belt off before he gets in line. He says it’s because it can be stressful trying to get all of that stuff done while he’s taking his shoes off, getting his laptop out, and all the other things that have to happen once you’re actually at the machines. (Which, to be honest, is an attitude I wish all infrequent fliers would take.  Get ready before you get to the machines! ) This summer he was headed to Florida, and did all his normal preparations to get into the security line, including taking off his belt. However, evidently he had lost some weight as his pants were slightly too big. This meant that even though he didn’t have to mess with his wallet, belt, or ID, he did have to hold up his pants the entire time he was in line. That sounds more stressful to me than being a little rushed at the X-ray machine!

In the future, I recommend that everyone that wears a belt, including the Home Warrior, makes sure they don’t have to hold their pants up with their hands if the belt isn’t there. The pants can slip a little, but pants actually falling down could be pretty darned embarrassing.

Readers, have you ever realized an article of clothing was too big when you reached the airport?


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