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In honor of the new Plantronics Voyager  Legend headset, Road Warriorette will be featuring some sponsored posts on behalf of Plantronics and has been compensated for her contributions.

Plantronics has recently released the much anticipated Voyager Legend headset! It’s being touted as the “world’s smartest headset”, and includes features such as smart call routing, precision audio, and caller announce and voice commands. To celebrate the newest member of the Plantronics family, we are giving away one Voyager Legend headset to a lucky reader!

How to win? It’s simple! Between now and Monday, November 12, write a comment answering the following question: How do you bring your business and personal life together during business trips? A winner will be chosen randomly from all of the entries on Tuesday, November 13. As always, only one entry per person.

When traveling for work it’s so easy to get stuck in the go-go-go mode. Bringing your business and personal life together can be really hard when you’re on the road a lot! But you’re not just a worker bee, so make sure you pay attention to the rest of you as well. Here are some of my tips:

Stay in touch. Make sure you keep in touch with the people you love. The Home Warrior and I talk every day I’m gone. I will also make a point to talk to my sisters, mom, and best friend when I’m gone for longer periods of time. Just because you’re away doesn’t mean you can’t maintain regular conversations! If you’re pressed for time, multi-task—chat while you’re getting ready for bed or unpacking (this is where a headset like the Voyager would come in handy!).

Take some time for yourself. Just because you’re traveling for work doesn’t mean you don’t get down time! While you’re on the plane is a great time to do something just for fun—read a book, watch a movie, listen to music, knit… Or take advantage of a layover and get a chair massage. Just a few minutes doing something you enjoy can help you maintain balance.

Make sure you get your work done! At the same time, it can be so easy to let time slip away while you socialize with coworkers or wine and dine clients. Those things are certainly important, but save time to do your actual work as well. Presentations don’t write themselves, as I have unfortunately discovered. (But don’t worry—the Voyager has a sophisticated noise canceling feature, so even if you’re out you can still take that work call. The office will never know!)

See the city you’re in. So many of us don’t ever look beyond the office and our hotel room, but all cities have something to offer! Try to eat out at a local restaurant, and taste a local specialty. If you have a little extra time, cruise by an interesting attraction or take in some scenery. It will help all of those towns you’ve visited stand out from each other, and remind you that there is more to life than work.

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Good luck!!


  1. I keep in touch with text messages when she’s not working, and email at other times with her using my Android (but prefer to talk on phone, but that’s usually at the end of the day)

  2. My Business and Personal life are one of the same. What is good for one is good for the other. I use the phone a lot text, skype and fax.

  3. I make sure to schedule daily evening phone calls or Skypes with the family, to stay connected.

  4. My phone with camera – snapping pictures of anything I find interesting on the road and sharing with my friends and family

  5. I always look for a little something to bring home as a gift. Makes her feel I wasn’t just thinking about business.

  6. I try to catch up with family while I’m driving. The longer the drive the more I can catch up with everything that is going on back home.

  7. Mainly regular old cell phone. Usually during drive time, at hotel, or dead time waiting for flight or whatever.

  8. I try to do the same routine I do at home on the road (travel with my toiletries, eat similar food when possible, go to sleep and wake up at the same times when possible). It helps me feel grounded while in unfamiliar places.

  9. After the day meetings and before the obligatory customer/vendor dinner, I go to the gym. It gives me a chance to clear my mind and the mandatory post gym shower means I look fresh for the evening activities

  10. I always travel with my husband, so much so, that it actually turned into a job in the buying office. We travel together, and the company saves the cost of an additional hotel room.

  11. I do a lot of texting with pics of things I am seeing to allow my wife to see places I am at right then.

  12. I travel with Plantronics in my ears or it’s more like on my mind. I use backbeat 903+ for music and all my communication. I hear everything around me and with a touch of a button or two I’m there. Rock out to toons till the wife, kids or biz calls. Plantronics makes it work for us. Really more like play!

  13. Thank god for an iPhone with Facetime and my Hyatt Platinum membership. I use the wifi at the hotel to Facetime with the wife each night i’m away!

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