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I love Go On

Hope you all have had a fabulous holiday!! For some reason, I don’t have the patience or temperament for dramas right now. I used to watch Grey’s Anatomy religiously, but have no interest in it now. Maybe it’s because I have less time, or maybe it’s because they killed off a bunch of people I…

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A few fabulous bags

Technically it’s winter. Even though here in Texas lately it’s been in the high 70s and even 80 some days (sigh) the typical winter colors are everywhere—dark and somber grays, blacks, and other neutrals. I woke up needing a shot of something bright and happy, and not much makes me happier than looking at purses!…

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Poll: How often do you travel?

Inspired by the poll a few weeks ago about what makes a road warrior, I am very curious about how much you guys travel for work. The general consensus seemed to be that a road warrior is someone who takes 1-4 business trips per month. I think that’s accurate, especially when you’re going by averages.…

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My experience traveling with breast milk

Last week was my first trip away from home since I had my baby. One of my big concerns was traveling with breast milk. The TSA rules are pretty straightforward, but I’ve heard that in practice they are not super consistent (shocker right?). The rules from the TSA website are: Breast milk is exempt from…

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