Packing List for First Trip in a Long Time

A few weeks ago I went on my first trip in five months. I was pretty anxious, but had a plan in place. I was going to re-read some key blog posts, give myself extra time, figure out the “new-mom” stuff, and make a very specific list of what to pack. I was only gone for one day, so didn’t actually need that much clothing. That made it way easier than it could have been!


  • Outfit for work (black pants, nursing shirt, cardigan, black coat, pink flats)
  • Travel outfit (jeans, sneakers, gray tee, maroon long sweater)
  • PJs (yoga pants, tank, long sleeved tee)
  • Toiletries, makeup, curling iron
  • Jewelry (turquoise necklace and earrings)
  • New-mom stuff
  • Pump
  • Tablecloth for trade show
  • Chargers

Purse stuff:

  • Pashmina
  • Knitting
  • Thank you notes (sigh, still trying to finish them)
  • Book
  • Wallet, keys, lip balm
  • Computer
  • Cooler, bottles, ice packs
  • Office supplies (notepad, pen, usb key, headset)
  • Comfort items (tea, Splenda, Emergen-C)
  • Magazine

Honestly, it was a tight fit. My pump took up half of my freaking suitcase, and I had to fit the cooler in my purse. If I have to bring clothes for more than one day I will have to be super creative about getting everything in. My trip this week is two days, but since I’m wearing my work clothes on the plane I only have to pack enough for one day. We’ll see what happens on my first longer trip….


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