Hilton Guest of the Day

a close up of a cardIn November the Home Warrior, Mini Warrior, and our dog went to Fort Worth to visit family. Turns out the only dog-friendly Hilton hotel with availability was the historic Hilton Fort Worth in downtown. It was very nice, so I was surprised it was dog-friendly—plus we got a pretty good points rate. (It’s also the hotel where JFK stayed the night before he was assassinated.)  I had requested early check in and had been assured over the phone that wouldn’t be a problem.

We arrived around 2, so I went to check us in while Home Warrior unloaded all of our stuff. (Btw it is AMAZING how much crap you need when traveling with a baby. Wow.) When I gave the clerk my name, he told me my room wasn’t ready yet. I told him we really needed a room that was ready, since I had a baby and dog with me. His face fell, and I could tell he was super disappointed. “But you’re the guest of the day!” he exclaimed. The what?

Apparently being The Guest of the Day means that you get randomly upgraded to the executive floor, with access to the lounge for breakfast and happy hour. You also get a free drink, good at any of the restaurants or the Starbucks. Pretty good deal! The man assured me the room would be ready in just a few minutes, so of course we waited. It was indeed ready quickly, on the executive floor, and very nice.

It just surprised me—you’d think after staying in Hiltons for as long as I have I would have heard of this! Has anyone else been awarded Guest of the Day?


  1. I was gues of the day at a Homewood suites in Fort Myers Fl about a month ago and that was the first I heard of it.

  2. I think I had a similar experience at the Doubletree in NYC but I didn’t get upgraded. Instead I got a few jar of their yummy cookies which I was totally happy with 🙂

  3. I was “Guest of the Day” at the Holiday Inn Express in Branson, MO. I asked what that meant, and it turned out all I got was my name under “Guest of the Day” on the whiteboard behind the front desk. 😛

  4. I first saw this in November at a Hilton Garden Inn. Did not know what it meant, but they got their name on a printed paper that said guest of the day posted in the elevator. I was there for four days and it never changed. It was also never me.

  5. Fun! Your kid would have loved that if he/she were older!

    My husband was guest of the day in a Minneapolis Hilton once. The clerk warned him not to be alarmed by something in his room. Freaky! It turns out it was a three foot tall ceramic chimp holding a plate of snacks.

  6. I finally got guest of the day after being Hilton Honors member for maybe 8 years. What a nice perk!

  7. I just got Guest of the Day in Columbia, SC! Upgraded to a Premium Room in an Embassy Suites with a cool gift bag, a note, unlimited snacks and drinks, and some really fabulous customer service. As someone on the road a lot, I’ve never gotten this before but WOW! Such a nice surprise.

  8. I was GOTD in Embassy Suites Monterey, but wrong name……Still tho, free snacks and drinks, wifi and parking. Felt like a setup lol

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