Cool travel product: Evian Mineral Water Spray To Go

a white bottle with pink capAnyone who has flown knows that the air in airplanes is dry. It’s tolerable for an hour or two, but much beyond that and you start to feel it. Especially people like me with dry skin! For years I have traveled with lotion and lip balm to combat the parched feeling I get on long flights. I’ve tried various hydrating mists over the years, and most have worked perfectly fine. But they’ve always been designed to use as part of a skincare routine on a bare face.  I’ve never found one that is designed to be sprayed over makeup.

Until now! A few weeks ago I was perusing the aisles at Sephora (my favorite place ever) when I saw something new: Evian Mineral Water Spray To Go. It’s basically water in a can that you can mist on your face. It won’t mess with your makeup, and according to the reviews is “hydrating, refreshing, and invigorating” and “great for the plane, beach, or to wash hands with in a pinch.” As a bonus, it has no fragrance so shouldn’t aggravate your (or anyone else’s) allergies or migraine issues. Awesome! I can’t wait to try it out on my next flight. It’s available as a set of two from Sephora, or a one, two, or three pack from Amazon.

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  1. I love the product, the fact it doesn’t leak and can’t be contaminated. I use it for every flight, car travel, and even cleaning up little one’s bottoms and hands!

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