Travel news roundup: Mergers, sharing perks, and unexpected travel benefits

American Airlines and US Airways: The merger is finally supposed to happen. Or is it? Articles abound today about the merger and what it means for travelers. A secret board meeting is supposed to happen next week to vote.  Reports are that the company will be based in Dallas, will be called American Airlines, and that they won’t have to change their new livery. Also members of the loyalty programs can rest easy—neither program will disappear. I do think it’s interesting  that American’s labor unions want their CEO far, far away from the new company….

Delta and SPG will be launching a promotion March 1 where elite customers get perks from both companies. Even if you’re only elite with one, you get the benefits from the other. Sounds like a great deal to me! I hope other companies team up too.

And speaking of travel benefits! According to the BBC, studies say travel can make you healthier. And according to USA Today, studies show that travel can increase your sex life. Awesome! Sign me up. Except that I’m pretty sure they are not talking about business travel where you often eat lots of food late at night, have no time to exercise, don’t sleep enough, and your SO is thousands of miles away…. But it sure does sound nice!

Readers, any thoughts? News stories I missed?

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