Suitcase calluses?

Here’s a weird thing about traveling that I have only recently noticed.

In 2012, I didn’t fly for about five months due to pregnancy and maternity leave. That’s a long time for a road warrior to be grounded! It’s also a long time to not pull a heavy suitcase all over the country. And apparently it’s also just long enough for a certain road warriorette’s hands to get all nice and soft from not lugging around said suitcase.

As soon as I had my first trip, I noticed that my hands hurt every time I pulled my suitcase. And as I had more trips, I realized that I was developing calluses on my hands in the exact spots where they rubbed the most against my suitcase handle. They’re not fully developed—apparently it takes a while to build them up enough that my hands don’t hurt at all. It just seems so strange! (Pictured: the offending handle)

Has anyone else noticed something like this? Any other strange things happen to your hands because of travel?


  1. I get laptop bag bruises on my arms and shoulders everytine i come home from a trip.

  2. Try lugging two 15 pound bowling balls in the double bag with shoes and accesories. My bowling bag does not have wheels and is a shoulder bag. When I fly to tournaments, I’m normally carrying not one but 2 double bowling bags with me one on each shoulder. You get bruises and marks all over your shoulders and back.

    I’m investing in new bowlng bags before my next plane trip with the bowling equipment. I’m getting too old to deal with carrying about 80 pounds of equipment like a pack mule!

  3. Hello, this is the first time for me to leave a comment. Great blog! There aren’t enough blogs for road working women, me thinks! I’m a road warrior-ette too and have calluses on my hands so always have hand cream with me….it helps so that my hands aren’t too rough when I have to shake hands. 😉

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