Get to the airport early!

Last week I got to the airport a little less than an hour before my flight left. This is pretty normal for me—but was about the only normal thing about the airport. I completely forgot that Spring Break is starting soon, and the lines were looooooong. I am lucky I have status and could go through the elite security line because the regular security line stretched halfway down the airport. And it’s not just the fact that there are a ton of people, it’s that so many of them travel very infrequently and don’t move as quickly as maybe we would like.

So just a friendly reminder—get to the airport a little earlier than normal, and if you don’t have status get there even earlier.


  1. Don’t you get PreCheck?
    I agree though, from Parking to Security to just getting your cup of joe it always takes more time from March-August.

  2. It’s not just spring break – the sequester means that TSA has to cut the number of employees working at any given time, thus the long lines are a somewhat permanent thing to get used to. This affects the number of customs agents working when flying back into the States too. Plan accordingly!

  3. You’re right Hitha–I forgot about that. I really hope they get it resolved soon!!

    @Grace–We are finally getting PreCheck!! I am so excited. I think it’s happening in April.

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