Contest! Win a free night from Hyatt Place!! (closed)

This contest is closed.

After 18 months of research, Hyatt has recently come out with a new array of offerings geared toward the frequent traveler. The new features are tailored to guests’ individual preferences, and include a service providing frequently forgotten items, healthy new menu options, and upgraded bath amenities. I have experienced all of these firsthand, and I think road warriors and warriorettes will benefit tremendously! (I’ll be doing an in-depth review this week, so stay tuned!)

To celebrate, we are doing a contest and the winner wins one free night at a U.S. Hyatt Place! To enter, please leave a comment answering the following question: The bulkiest item I have to pack and can’t live without is_________. (And let’s be more original than, say, “my computer,” because everyone needs that!) The contest runs through Monday, April 22 at midnight CDT and the winner will be chosen randomly on Tuesday April 23. As always, one entry per person.

The bulkiest item I can’t live without is, no question, my curling iron. My computer is on that list too (of course!) plus my makeup. I’m not sure what it says that 2 out of 3 items are grooming related…..

Good luck!!

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  1. Not sure I’d call it bulky but it is hard to pack – my walking stick! The other bulky item is my hair diffuser and depending on where I am going, my hair dryer. A big, floppy-brimmed hat – if not on my head – is also a pain to pack! Hope I win and have to pack them all!

  2. The bulkiest item I have to pack and can’t live without is my toiletry bag…sometimes I bring 2 lol.

  3. The bulkiest item I have to pack and can’t live without are my shoes…size 13 takes up a lot of room.

  4. The bulkiest item I have to pack and can’t live without is my Franklin Covey planner. My organization skills border on obsessive-compulsive and I carry it with me everywhere to keep track of my calendar and my to do list. I love technology, but this is one thing I like to do the old fashioned way!

  5. The bulkiest item I pack that I can’t live without is my travel teddy. He’s gone on all my trips with me and I think he’s why I’ve had such great travel luck!

  6. The bulkiest item I have to pack and can’t live without is my hair dryer…it’s the kind that has a comb attached because I have never been able to manage to dry my hair correctly with a conventional blow dryer…

  7. The bulkiest item I have to pack and can’t live without is my C-Pap machine. Luckily I saved my old one, which can be checked in luggage and I travel with it instead of my newer model that has to go through security and be looked at.

  8. I like to keep up with my workouts when traveling, and to do so i need to stretch after. I ALWAYS travel with my rolling tube (foam roller) which is HUGE but necessary. Dimensions are 36 x 6 which makes packing for even a weekend trip a challenge 🙂

  9. The bulkiest item I have to pack and can’t live without is my paddle hair brush. With long hair that needs to stay in place I can’t do without it!

  10. The bulkiest item I have to pack but can’t live without is my cashmere wrap. If I have time it smushes into a gallon ziploc, but at the end of a flight I just shove it in my carryon and it is huge!

  11. My humidifier! I really need it – I bought a travel kind but it’s still pretty bulky to carry around and pack!

  12. The bulkiest item I have to pack and can’t live without is an extra pair of shoes. I had a pair break on vacation one time and now IO won’t go anywhere without extra shoes even thought they are large and bulky!

  13. Used to be books ( thank goodness for Kimdle!), but now I feel like it’s all the cords. Charging cords for every single thing.

  14. The bulkiest item I can’t live without on a trip is my camera. Sometimes the iPhone camera just doesn’t cut it.

  15. The bulkiest item I can not live without is the charger for my netbook. It weighs more than the netbook- whoever comes out with tech to make this stuff lighter (and smaller) is going to make a ton of money.

  16. I can’t live with out my portable battery back up charger for mi iPhone and iPad, I can’t be without power while I explore on my trips.

  17. When I travel I can’t live without my lucky socks. I just feel more safe and secure withy lucky socks when I fly or drive.

  18. The bulkiest item I have to pack and can’t live without is my laptop. It has to go with me everywhere!

  19. Lately, as a new mom, it’s my breast pump and various accoutrement! It’s the reason I no longer am able to carry on for even a three day trip. Besides the pump, I need two coolers (one is the size of a large laptop bag), ice packs, collection bottles, spare parts, cleaning supplies, sterilizer bags (if I’m lucky enough to have a microwave in my room) and milk storage bags.

  20. ….my blow dryer. There’s just something to be said for using your own blow dryer vs the tiny ones at the hotels!

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