People are kind

It is very easy to be cynical, especially when you travel a lot. Humanity is not always at its best in confined spaces with lots of people! However, a few minutes ago I witnessed something beautiful that I have to share.

After landing at DFW, I went to the ladies’ room. As I was washing my hands, I overheard the conversation between the women next to me. One was a woman on a business trip, one was a mom traveling with her two kids on vacation. It turns out that the mom was also a soldier’s wife, and wanted to take her kids someplace fun to distract them from the fact that their dad was deployed. Upon hearing this, the business traveler took out her wallet and gave the mother $100 to help pay for the kids’ trip to Six Flags. She said, “I just want you to be able to do something nice for their kids, because I so appreciate your family’s sacrifice.” And the mother started crying, saying, “Thank you, thank you!”

So even though sometimes it seems otherwise, people are good and kind.


  1. Sorry to be cynical to a really nice post, but did you also chip in? Just one credit card referral equals 100 bucks

  2. Thank you for writing this blog, it is so touching and beautiful. GB the lady!

  3. As a veteran myself of two deployments to the sand-box, I would have declined the gesture. I chose to enlist. I wasn’t chosen.

  4. I know how cynical I will sound but I am starting to hear this same story from multiple sources, only the destination changes – Orlando, Disneyland, now Six Flags. It raises suspicions.

    My experience of military spouses is that they seldom complain publicly (privately – different story) and many if not most would be offended by a handout.

    I’m not saying you witnessed a grift. It sounds like a spontaneous generous gesture and that is always admirable but I would have some caution with it.

  5. Definitely a feel good story though instead of using the word “kind” i’d use the word “generous”.
    The fact that the mother is bringing her kids to Disney is already a “nice” act and the business woman’s statement “I just want you to be able to do something nice for their kids…” may even sound insulting to the mom.

  6. @Jason & Mike – she was the soldier’s wife in the story. She didn’t chose to enlist.

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