One more day to enter TowneSuites contest!

There is one more day to enter the TowneSuites by Marriott contest! Just click here to leave a comment describing a pivotal moment you had during travel. I have really enjoyed reading all of the responses so far. You could win a $100 gift certificate! Contest ends tomorrow.


  1. on my first trip to Europe, when I discovered that the world is really a small place

  2. my first youth hostel in Swiss alps – someone had left the door open and we all awoke to find a cow in our room – fresh milk anyone……….

  3. That unexpected point on a transcon when youre back in coach middle seat and the gate agent comes in and says “Mr. Jon, your upgrade has cleared…” Excellent

  4. My first trip to any airport lounge of any kind and I learned the drinks in the JFK international lounge were free and I indicated my excitement to another patron who gave me an “odd” look

  5. When I first began the points and miles pursuit, I was startled to learn that I could select a seat ahead of time on a flight, even a lowly coach seat. I had no idea – I thought seats were assigned and never changeable — a simple revelation but wonderful!

  6. On a Europe trip, my friend ended up sick in the room for 5 days. I was fine on my own and really had a good time despite the change in plans. i was able to assist her with her needs and still get out and about. Go with the flow.

  7. Turning point was my first upgrade to first class. Curacao to Miami on American in 1992.

  8. Flying back from abroad with a teen group, I was a non-rev and got seated in First Class. When I told the TWA hostess I wanted to go back to Coach to see my boyfriend, she upgraded him!

  9. I loved our cruise to Alaska last year and wanted to book another vacation. My husband said we can’t afford it. That was a year ago and have flown many times on points and have many more planned. Taking my family of 4 in first class for the first time. My husband now knows we can afford it just with points. When I want something I can be persistent.

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