Warm and fuzzies for Monday

Happy Monday!

There is ton of stuff going on in Road Warriorette-land right now (primarily the enormous and overwhelming  task of packing and moving), plus I know a lot of you are traveling today, so I thought I’d start the week with a little feel good story.

You may have experienced the fact that people traveling are not always at their best. Crowds, tiny amounts of personal space, a lack of good food and sleep, and delays can add up to some serious crankiness! So I’m always so happy to see kindness and generosity at the airport. On my trip to New Jersey a few weeks ago, it thrilled me to see not one, but two acts of kindness on the same day.

As I was waiting to board, I saw an older lady give her boarding pass to the gate agent, and it seemed like she was struggling a bit. Several people had boarded after her when it was my turn. She was about halfway down the jetbridge when I entered, and she was walking slowly, and at one point had to lean against the wall for balance. Two or three people passed her. I had almost reached her (and was going to see if I could help), but the lady in front of me stopped and offered assistance. The older woman held onto the lady’s arm, and was able to get to the plane without incident. The older lady went to her first class seat, and thanked the young woman profusely. As someone with an elderly grandmother, it made me glad to see that!

Then, once we landed at JFK, I remembered I had some Filipino pesos that I needed to be changed back to dollars. While I was waiting in line at the currency exchange, the person at the counter found a €5 bill. It would have been super easy to think, Hey! I found some money! Score! But not this guy. After asking the people nearby if it was theirs, and checking with the people working the counter, the young man slipped the bill in the box marked for a veterans’ charity.

I hope you are all having a safe and productive travel day!

Readers, seen any passengers perform acts of kindness or generosity lately?

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  1. Great way to start the week! I have one to add – was on a flight with a few weeks ago and there was a young mother with her baby in front of me. During the flight the baby started to fuss and Mom wasn’t having any luck distracting the baby. The young man next to me starting making funny faces, playing peek a boo and viola – the baby stopped fussing – fascinated by this silly guy! He did this for over 1/2 an hour and the baby finally relaxed enough to sleep. When we stood up to leave, this young man offered to get the Mother’s bag down from the overhead. Since she was having trouble juggling the baby/baby bag, he told her he’d carry her case for her off the plane. She was very grateful and I think (hope!) it made her trip a little easier. In the interests of full disclosure – the young man is my son!

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