Road Warriorette survey (and giveaway!)

After some interesting discussions with some friends and fellow bloggers, a recommendation at BACon, plus an intense desire to know who it is I write to every day, I have put together a short reader survey. I would love to know who my readers are—male or female, how much you travel, plus your favorite post topics. I would SO appreciate it if you would take a few minutes to answer some questions. So appreciative that I will do a giveaway of one $40 Amazon gift card! Those who complete the survey will have the option of entering their email address into a drawing.

It will help me so much to know who my demographic actually is, so please, please, please, fill out the short survey. Thank you!!!!!


  1. @Grant It is the very last question. I will make sure you are counted in the drawing. Thanks for filling it out!

    @MrsB I totally understand. That question is optional–the only ones that require an answer are the ones about gender, age, and how often you travel for business.

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