Business Travel Roundup

A lot of interesting stories came out this week, so I thought I’d do a quick roundup before I head to the beach with the family this weekend.

MommyPoints wrote about a great way to potentially get Global Entry free for you kiddos!

Boo! According to The Today Show, hotels are starting to jack up fees on travelers.

And on a related note…USA Today gave some good tips for avoiding travel fees.

Corporette has  helpful advice for business travelers and anyone without a permanent desk setup: How to Set Up a Mobile Office.

Here’s yet another article about how the gulf is widening between First Class and Coach from NBC.

And you probably heard the big news of the week…. DOJ tries to block the US Airways and American merger. Reported by, well, everyone.

Readers, found any good articles or posts this week?

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  1. Hi! Thought you might want to know about the Healthy Travel Summit beginning September 9th. I am really excited because Adam Glickman of EVEN hotels will be interviewed. Here is the link if you want to check it out! It’s FREE and addresses everything from health and wellness to airplane food!

    Love your Blog! Thanks for keeping me in the know regarding all things travel! Any chance you have some tips on surviving the plane ride to South Africa with a two year old???

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