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The hotel is one of the most critical, if not the most critical aspect to a trip. The hotel is where you spend the most time, lay your head down at home2_logo_high resnight, and get ready to face the day. While an adequate hotel may do the job, a really great hotel truly feels like your home away from home. Home2 Suites by Hilton is a great hotel for business and leisure travelers alike.

The 22 properties across the US feature suites with kitchen facilities and work spaces, free wifi, and complimentary breakfast. There are also really lovely outdoor spaces, including a walking track. I really like that they keep sustainability in mind, with recycling centers (why don’t more hotels have these??) and Energy Star appliances. And for the animal lovers, they are pet friendly (yay!). There are currently 20 new Home2 Suites under construction, including one in Mexico.Suite Upcoming properties also include Austin, TX, Rahway, NJ, and Denver, CO.

In addition to having a great hotel, the people at Home2 Suites are super nice and giving away a three night stay for two to a lucky Road Warriorette reader. Woohoo! In order to enter, please leave a comment answering the following question: What is your best packing tip for a first time business traveler? The contest will be open through Monday, September 23, with the winner announced soon after. One entry per person.

To book your travel or for more information about Home2 Suites, visit, like Home2 Suites on Facebook, and follow @Home2Suites on Twitter.

Official legal stuff:

Legal description of prize is a three-night stay for two at a Home2 Suites by Hilton property of the winner’s choice. Restrictions may apply. DatesThe Oasis (Lounge) are based on availability. Blackout dates apply and include but are not limited to major holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Winner is responsible for transportation to and from the hotel including flights and airport transfers. To redeem, winner must contact the property they wish to stay at and make a reservation at least 30 days prior to the desired stay date.

Good luck!!!


  1. Lay out your clothing and accessories on the bed before you pack. Then remove 1/2 of it. Pack the rest.

  2. Three bags: Rollaboard (shoes, clothes, hair dryer, etc.) laptop tote (laptop, essentials, liquids, etc.), crossbody bag that fits in the laptop tote (stuff you want with you on the plane: book, phone, etc.)

  3. Bring a car charger for your smartphone/tablet. Rentals don’t come with ’em and you’ll probably need one before the trip’s over.

  4. Pack only one color slacks (or skirts). This way, you can limit the number or shoes to pack & you can change your accessories to mix up the look.

  5. Buy 3 oz clear plastic bottles for your liquids so you never have to lug around a whole bottle of shampoo.

  6. Do not check your luggage, no matter how long the trip. You have to assume that there’s a chance the airline could lose your bag, in which case you may as well have just brought carry-ons only. (To this end, you can re-wear almost all clothing other than underwear… and you can always wash things/have them cleaned at your destination.)

  7. Make sure your gadgets are fully charged before you leave the house and don’t forget your chargers! You never know when or where you’ll get delayed and if you’ll have access to an outlet.

  8. If you forget a charger, ask the hotel front desk. Since a charger is one of the items most frequently left behind, many hotels just collect them. I have had the front desk clerk hand me a box with a jumble of chargers and a “if you find one that fits your device, it’s yours.”

  9. Great timing as I am at SFO to return from my first business trip….

    “Bundling” (instead of rolling) is my favorite! I learned about it on YouTube from a video posted by a British butler. It worked great!! Ten minutes (tops!) to touch up 10 days’ business clothes!

    My 2nd favorite is to remove the top from your shampoo/conditioner/etc…cover the top with a piece of plastic wrap that’s larger than the opening….then screw the top back on the bottle over the plastic. Protects against leaks if the bottle top comes open!

  10. Wear a comfortable but business appropriate outfit on the plane in case luggage doesn’t make it. Buy a laptop case (rolling) that’s also a carry on with space for extra clothes and essentials. Bring all chargers and extra power strip with you on plane.

  11. Pack clothes that can be dressed up and down, so you can wear the same clothes with different accessories or shoes to work/meetings AND to drinks/functions in evening. Saves a ton of room in your luggage. Particularly pertinent for us ladies!

  12. Getting ready to go on my first trip and I bought a couple contact lens cases and put my makeup and lotions in those. I love that tip!

  13. I bring a clean garbage bag for dirty clothes. And I count out any needed medication into a contact lens case. You can put some tylenol or other possible helpers in the other “lens” side. This fits nicely in your pocket; hard to lose.

  14. Be careful not to pack too many clothes. You’ll discover that you really don’t need that many pairs of pants and socks!

  15. Wear a pashmina.It can keep you just a little bit warm and it’s stylish,very wearable .Perfect over a sleeveless when the AC is blasting.

  16. Use your carry on wisely. It may be a lifesaver if your luggage is ever lost for a day or two or forever.

  17. Roll your clothes and use a carry-on with compartments so you can keep the clean clothes seperate.

  18. I roll non work clothes and try to stay within the same color platte so I can make do with one pair of shoes for work.

  19. Don’t waste space carrying detergent to wash out clothes on an extended trip. Use the hotel shampoo to wash them and a drop or two of conditioner in the rinse water to leave them soft and nice smelling.

  20. Don’t over-pack, but assume the possibility of bad weather, technical difficulties or being the landing area for a waiter’s errant tray. Carry one extra set of underwear and a light t-shirt. They don’t take up much space, but you’ll be overjoyed if you need them.

  21. Do not check luggage! Keep your things with you. This will keep you from overpacking, but also allow for some flexibility if needed (not to mention worrying about the airline losing your luggage). If I ever try to take a different flight (get to airport early, delays on scheduled flight, etc) the first question I am asked is “Do you have checked luggage?” I have seen many passengers denied changing their flights because they answer yes to this question. Also, I get home an average of 30 minutes earlier than if I checked luggage.

  22. Coordinate your clothing. Figure out what you will wear to travel there, and then figure out what you’ll wear to travel back. In between, if all clothes coordinate, you won’t need as much stuff. It is also easier to recover if you spill something and need to change.

  23. Pack an extra phone charger and/or battery pack. I keep one in both my carryon and my backpack. That way, should something happen to one bag, I am not in a bind.

  24. Use the lightest weight suitcase and carry-on possible — it will also make riding in airport shuttles, subways and cabs easier

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