Business Travel News Roundup

Now that we are finally moved in (yay!) I have gotten a chance to check out the news and blogosphere. Here are the stories that caught my eye from the past couple of weeks.

Gary Leff gives a great overview of the different options available with the AmEx Platinum card--$0 first year fee and 50k reward points, to name a few.

Kat over at Corporette asks: What are your shopping habits? The answers (and the strategies!) surprised me.

Points To Be Made gives a way to get automatic Silver from Hilton and Marriott, with a fast track to Gold with Hilton.

A recent study shows which airlines give the most legroom for no extra charge (hint: Southwest, Alaska, and JetBlue made the top of the list). Via Fox News.

Have trouble sleeping on a trip? These apps and eye masks might help. Via New York Times Travel.

Readers, seen any good news stories lately?

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