Poll: What would you rather lose?

Hobo fold walletA couple of weeks ago, I was at happy hour with some friends. We were talking about losing stuff, and one of my girlfriends said she would rather lose her wallet than her cell phone. As someone who had both items stolen a couple of years ago, I was like, seriously? But then I thought about it, and I guess I can see her point. Your credit cards may be a pain to cancel and replace, but at least you can get new ones. If you don’t backup that data on your phone it is gone forever! Then another friend chimed in and said she was traveling in Morocco once, and she lost her suitcase. As in, gone forever. Whoa. And then (I guess we were playing top that story?) a third friend said that she lost all of her makeup and toiletries while backpacking in Europe.

All of these scenarios sound seriously horrible to me. Losing your wallet or phone would certainly be difficult any time. But I can’t imagine being on a trip, especially in a foreign country, and losing either all of your clothes and toiletries. Crazy!

So of course, Readers, I have to play this game with you guys!

Which would you rather lose?

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  1. Interesting question! Personally, I’d rather lose the toiletries/make-up. It’s relatively cheap and easy to replace, even on the road (at least, the types of things I travel with). Losing my wallet would be the most inconvenient IMO – sure you can cancel credit cards, but what if you need that ID for catching your flight home? Not as easy to replace quickly and having a drivers license as backup when you need a passport (or vice versa) isn’t a perfect solution.

  2. Losing all your clothes/toiletries crazy? I guess Amazing Race is not a show for you! 😉 Depending on the season, at times instead of eliminating the last team to check-in, that team would have to hand Phil (the host) all of their backpacks/bags/clothes with the exception of the clothes they’re currently wearing.
    I agree that I think it’s crazy too but after seeing how teams managed to survive without their backpacks, it made me rethink what truly is the essentials when travelling.

  3. Hands down toiletries. I can replace them if I have my wallet.

    My phone is LAST on the list. Even if I lose my wallet, I can call my card companies with my phone and have everything replaced. I could go into an AMEX office and pick up a card.

    No phone? I shudder!

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