Quick travel tip: Update your luggage tag!

Moving is really, really hard. Anyone who has ever moved can tell you that. Maybe you’re excited about the new place, maybe you’re not, but either way the actual process of moving is stressful. All the packing, the decisions about what to keep or give away, the eventual unpacking, and the myriad details and can really be overwhelming.

I am recently reacquainted with moving and all its joys. Luckily the Home Warrior is a hard worker and master strategist.  He tirelessly packed box after box, and had enormous lists of all that needed to be done. One of the categories on his list dealt with address changes, including all of the credit cards, magazine subscriptions, family, and others that needed to be alerted of the move. Endless phone calls and website visits later we thought we finally had notified everyone.

However, there is one place that he (fine, we) forgot to change. Last night I was packing for my trip to Manila. As I wrapped up an exhausting two hour packing marathon, the Home Warrior realized that none of my suitcase name tags had been updated. Even though it was 1am, he gallantly fixed all three. What a guy! I’m so glad he noticed that–American Airlines does not have a perfect record of keeping up with my bag, and it would have been a bummer for them to have delivered a delayed bag to the wrong house.

So this is just a quick  reminder to update the address labels on your bags when you move! Also FYI packing for an international seems to take way way longer than a normal trip, if last night is any indication.

I’m off to Manila–apologies in advance for any posting issues or delays.

Happy Monday!


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