Cold weather is boot weather!

Anytime it’s cold enough to break out the boots, Texas women rejoice. Yes, sometimes we boot up prematurely—70 degrees is a little warm to wear boots with jeans—but we get so excited sometimes we can’t help it! Much of the state has been in the middle of a cold snap, and many ladies have definitely enjoyed it. And why not? Boots are great for work or play, and can go well with everything from dresses to jeans. Of course, there are plenty of places where boot season is longer than two months. This winter, I will be traveling to northern states and Canada repeatedly, so I need to stock up on my boots. Luckily, Amazon is having a sale—up to 50% off of boots. Woohoo! Anything to make the shoe budget stretch a little further. For travel, I recommend simpler boots that are very easy to get on and off.

Here are some of my


  1. Jessica Simpson Women’s Chad Riding Boot. I love the “Whiskey” color and clean lines of this boot. Regularly $169, on sale for $99.
  2. Clarks Women’s Mullen Spice. These boots are lovely classic riding boots. And since they’re Clarks, you know they must be comfortable! Regularly $290, on sale for $208.
  3. Miz Moos Women’s Bloom. While a little funkier, these boots would still work for a lot of offices. The buttons are just decorative—there is a zip on the inside, so getting them on and off at security is still easy. And the color is so fun! Regularly $199, on sale for $152.
  4. Comfortview Jackie Wide Calf Boots. I have muscular calves, so sometimes finding boots that fit can be a challenge. These wide calf boots have ruching to add interest, plus the kitten heel is cute but still walkable. Regularly $152, on sale for $82.

Readers, what are your favorite boots?

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  1. Not a favorite boot per se, but I love, love, love striding through security in my boots (with buckles!!) using TSA Pre-Check!

  2. I have a boot love affair. I love Minelli. Luckily, I live in a cold area where boots can be worn 8 months out of the year. One of the reasons I make it a point to go boot shopping when I’m in Montreal or Western Europe is that they make beautiful boots made for walking (6+ hours no problem!)

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