computer and nutRemember a few days ago when I talked about how easy it is to bring healthy snacks on trips? Well, you know what they say about the best laid plans….

For my trip this week I decided to take nuts and coconut bread. I had a bag of cashews left over from a previous flight, so I packed that and a little Tupperware container of my coconut bread in my purse and felt very proud of my healthy activities. During my first flight I enjoyed about a fourth of the cashews, then carefully rolled up the bag and put it back in my purse. Once we landed and deplaned I had to stop to adjust a few things. When I opened my bag, the first thing I saw was cashews spread out over the top of my computer. I grabbed for the bag to see what had happened, but every time I even touched it more nuts spilled out. At that point I decided to not worry about it and just closed my bag back up and ran for my next flight.

Once I got to the hotel, I was able to assess the damage. They were everywhere. Like, everywhere. Inside my wallet. In all the pockets of my purse. Between the pages of my magazine. And yes, as you see above, that is a cashew inside the Ethernet port of my computer. OMG. I am so glad I stopped at the hotel instead of heading straight to the office. Can you imagine how professional that would have looked? Having cashews flying off my computer?

As I pulled various items out cashews dropped onto the desk and the floor. Eventually I just had to scoop up handfuls from the bottom of my purse and hope I was getting them all. So this weekend I now have exciting plans: vacuuming my purse. On a happy note, the Tupperware of coconut bread worked great. Oh! And all of my electronics are fine.

Readers, have you ever had an unfortunate event with food while traveling?


  1. Delta SkyClub’s old hummus cone squirted all over my laptop keyboard. Same with my DL SC yogurt.

  2. Not a snack, but one of my sister-in-law’s first memories of meeting me is when my potty training toddler peed in my purse at my brother’s apartment.

  3. I first want to say to Mariah – that is both awesome and terrible. Wow.

    I had a really short connection sandwiched between two very long flights, and I stopped at a Wendy’s to get a baked potato. I didn’t have time to eat it, but their to-go containers for the potatoes are usually pretty durable. However, during my sprint through PHX, I ended up holding it sideways. It dripped butter down into my laptop bag (I was holding it above the bag as I ran). It wasn’t until I had boarded that I was able to check whether my laptop was ok (it was). Ruined a bunch of notebooks and my bag, though.

  4. Several years back I had a friend’s baggage get lost by the airline when returning from a trip to Alaska. Seems my friend had a salmon packed in ice in his checked bag. A few days later the bag was found and delivered. Needless to say the salmon and everything else in the checked bag was a little ripe…

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