Top 5 Travel Gear: Hair

Packing for a business trip can be full of anxiety. Not only do you have to pick out exactly what you’re going to wear for the next 3, 4, 5, or more days, but you also have to condense a beauty routine (that has taken you years to develop) into 3 oz bottles and a quart size bag. And that’s not including your styling aids—hair dryers, curling irons, rollers, and straighteners. It’s enough to make a woman change careers!

But don’t worry. There are plenty of great travel hair tools available on the market right now. After a long search, I have found a travel version of each of the most common styling aids. Each one is dual voltage, so will work for both domestic and international travel, has stellar reviews, and is $30 or less.

Top 5 travel gear hair

  1. Pro Beauty Tools Professional Travel Hair Dryer. This hair dryer is great for travel because of its relatively small footprint, plus it folds to save even more space. It is great for styling because it comes with two attachments—concentrator and diffuser—has multiple heat settings plus a cool shot, and uses ion technology to make hair shiny. Win!
  2. Conair MiniPro Ceramic Curling Iron. All of the function of a full size curling iron, but in half the normal size. It heats quickly, will hold a lot of hair, and has a ceramic barrel so it won’t damage your hair. It also comes with a travel case, so you can throw it in your suitcase as soon as you finish with it.
  3. Remington Ceramic Compact Rollers. These rollers come with two sizes for different types of curls, and according to the reviews heat quickly and evenly. You can heat them up right in the soft-sided case. There are other travel roller sets out there with hard cases, but the reviews complained about the lid breaking. Sounds like a pain to me, so I would try this set instead.
  4. Remington Digital Anti Static Ceramic Hair Straightener. This straightener has over a thousand reviews and still has a 4.5 overall rating. Impressive, especially for its sub $15 price point. According to the reviews, it heats up quickly and straightens hair in just a few minutes.
  5. Phytolisse Ultra-Glossing Finishing Serum. However you style your hair, finish it off with a shine serum to keep your hair smooth, glossy, and frizz free. While this serum is in a small enough container for the TSA, you can always just put a few drops in a spare contact lens case like this insanely adorable owl case from Kikkerland (#6).

Obviously most people don’t need all of these items—then you would start running out of room for your clothes! But if your hair routine includes something with a plug, there’s no need to cart your full size appliances across the country anymore.

Readers, do you take a travel styling aid or the full size version?

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  1. Somewhere else there was a long discussion about how you don’t need to ever pack a hair dryer (Corporette maybe?) because they are always in hotel rooms. That’s true in the US anyway – not sure about overseas.

  2. Also a frequent business traveler; I have found that the hair dryers in most hotels (even the best hotels) lack the features that I want – heat control, attachments, etc. I always bring my own along! (Folding travel Powerlight model from Bio Ionic).

  3. If your hair is long enough for a ponytail, you really don’t need any of these. You can make a nice looking bun with a couple of spin pins and a comb or brush.

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