Dry hands during travel

hand creamWinter is the time of year when skin gets super dry. While the lack of humidity and changing temperatures make your skin dry out all over, add frequent hand washing  and your hands really take the brunt. A few weeks ago I looked down at my hands and was shocked by how dry and cracked they had gotten. Since hands are front and center during presentations, I needed them back in tip top shape as quickly as possible. Here are the ways I got my hands smooth again,

Hand cream. While regular body lotion is certainly better than nothing, really dry skin calls for something more intense. Hand cream is richer, thicker, and helps lock in moisture. If you don’t have room for another lotion in your travel bag, in a pinch you can use small amounts of face cream. This L’Occitane Cherry Blossom hand cream is tiny and smells divine.

Warm water. An article I read said to forego washing your hands as often, instead using anti-bacterial gel. I just can’t get behind that—it’s flu season and I travel, so I want to wash my hands!! That being said, use warm water instead of hot.

Moisturize after washing. Put lotion on your hands immediately after you wash them. This helps seal the moisture in. I know it’s not practical to do it every time you wash your hands, but as often as you can manage will really help.

Liquid bandage. If your hands are cracked, lotion can sting! Use liquid bandage to seal your hands before smoothing on some hand cream.

Water. Of course, I can’t talk about preventing dry skin without talking about water. Make sure you are getting at least 64 oz of water a day. If you are traveling, your intake needs to be even higher.

After a few days of targeted treatment, my hands have recovered nicely. I am still putting on lotion after I wash my hands as a preventative measure. Dry hands are a pain, but with a little TLC will be soft and smooth soon!

Readers, have you had dry skin this winter? How have you handled it?


  1. I’ve been experimenting with lotion bars and am quite pleased with the results. Lotion bars are solid, which makes them TSA compliant. They are slightly harder to use because you need to warm them in your hands first, and then smear the bar over the desired area. It then takes a few minutes for the lotion bar to completely soak into your skin. This pays off big time – the lotion doesn’t wash off when you wash your hands as it is sealed into your skin. You’ll only need to apply it a few times a day as opposed to every time you wash your hands. I’ve also found that they work well on my dry legs, and are great for your feet.
    My favorite right now is the “Bee Bar” from Honey House. It comes in several delicate scents, or unscented (that smells slightly of honey). The small 0.8 oz size comes in a tin and is perfect for the toilet kit or purse.

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