Do I need my Global Entry card to use the Global Entry kiosks?

A question from a reader says:Global Entry

I am headed to Asia on a business trip in a few weeks. I just got my Global Entry approval and card in the mail. Obviously I’ll have my passport when I travel, but do I need the card they sent me as well?

Great question! As long as you have your passport, you are good to go through any Global Entry kiosks. If you want to take advantage of TSA Pre-check (and why wouldn’t you?!) make sure to enter your Known Traveler number into your airline account.

The Global Entry card is primarily for use on land borders into the US, i.e. Canada and Mexico. If you are traveling by air or sea you need your actual passport. I also learned, via The Points Guy, that it can function as an I.D. in the case your passport and drivers license are lost or stolen.

Hooray Global Entry! It is a great thing for travelers.


  1. The Global Entry card also functions as ID even if your driving license and passport are with you and you are dealing with the TSA.

    When traveling by air, it is sort of more readily convenient to have a Global Entry card go missing than having a driving license or passport go missing. It’s in large part why I suggest using the Global Entry card as ID when dealing with the TSA. Losing a driving license or passport at or near a TSA screening checkpoint would tend to be more immediately disruptive to travel plans than losing a Global Entry card.

  2. I use Global Entry, and I was told when I applied that some airports have Kiosks where you can insert your card, and get into the fast lane at incoming immigration. The Border Control officer actually showed me how to do it. I think Newark has it, parts of JFK, and possibly Miami will have the Kiosks soon. I’ll find out soon, I return into Newark in a few weeks.

  3. In early December my wife and I applied for the Global Entry Program. with completed applications and the $100 fee. I have received no notification on setting up a Global Entry appointment at our preferred airport (Newark). We will be traveling in mid-March and have an urgent need for the appointment.

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