Cool travel app: App in the Air

Apps are great. They help us check the weather, keep in touch with friends, organize our lives, and of course, manage our travel. I app in the air 2have several travel apps on my phone that help me stay on top of the one million details frequent travel requires, but am always on the lookout for more.

Besides its oh-so-clever name, what I like about App in the Air is that it keeps everything in one place. Packing lists, flight reminders, airport information, and advice from fellow travelers, all at the click of button! You can also receive notifications for every stage of the flight, including check in, boarding, and landing. One of my favorite features is that it tracks all of the miles and cities you have been to, and will share them on Facebook or Twitter if you want. It’s free for Android, iPhone, and will soon be available for Windows phone.

Readers, seen any cool apps lately, travel or otherwise? Please share!!


  1. A young San Francisco sart up called FLYR is coming out with a new app that revolutionizes flight booking with a simple premise: never overpay and escape change fees. With FLYR, you simply search and select your flights. For a small fee, FLYR protects you against rising airfare for seven days. FLYR finds better deals and you can switch or cancel without any penalty. You can get early access at

  2. I downloaded App in the Air on my iphone. Not sure if Android app is different but to get to packing list I had to add a flight, then click the flight, then click “checklist”, then click “todo list” at very top which takes you to the packing list on next screen. Haven’t figured out if there’s a way to add your own stuff to the packing list but there’s a good list of stuff in there.

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