Poll: Will you (or would you) dump American?

Last month after the Delta Skymiles changes I ran a poll asking if the changes would make anyone stop flying Delta. The answer was a resounding, overwhelming YES. 63% of respondents said they would leave, compared to 14% who said they wouldn’t and 19% who were still making up their mind.

Now that American has made huge changes on the redemption side, I have the same question. Would the changes to the Aadvantage program be enough to make you quit using American? Folks on Twitter sure seem like it. (My favorite hashtag is definitely #AadvantageMAAsacre. Hah!) For myself, I am considering it more seriously than ever before. I just don’t see the use—I haven’t gotten an upgrade in months (I think last count I had 20 available) and redeeming awards lower tier rewards is now next to impossible. As much as I want a European holiday, we have no plans to travel internationally for leisure in the next two years. At this point, the only reason I want status is so that my twice-yearly travel to Manila is less sucky. I am considering switching all of my travel to Southwest, as right now we primarily fly domestically to see family, and all of our credit card spend to a cash back card or a hotel card.

But that’s me. What about you?

Will you (would you) quit flying American over the changes to the Aadvantage program?

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  1. i’m 80% loyal to a non-AA carrier and 20% kayaker, so my AA flying will remain the same

    lately AA has been most price competitive on my frequent route, making it hard to stay loyal elsewhere

  2. What other options do we have? If I dump Delta and AA I will end up travelling on Greyhound 🙁

  3. No secret vote when you choose “other”, so I have to come into the open to challenge all those who have lost faith in AA. That this change affects so few — I have had no problem getting awards in the cabins I want/need and I think most real FFers have similar results — that I wonder what the response will be when the revamping of the Saver chart comes out next year with the emergence of the New AAdvantage (merged AA/US). That’s the one that will affect the vast majority of members, and it will likely be in line with those at UA/MP and other programs. Let’s face it, inflation is the game at the moment since Saver redemption charts have hardly changed in over a decade (though AA did expand the 20K Europe/Asia award supply which is still what most members go for after Hawaii). And for those premium awards that will rise next year, we are getting a hugely superior product either on AA or its OW partners.

    So I say I’m staying with AA, who has been quite good to me, all things considered. All my upgrades have cleared so it’s been a long time since I’ve seen an economy cabin…and when I do, I still get free booze and food as a ExecPlat.

    I’ll wait until there is really something to complain about. (Okay, I buy the “no notice” complaint is legit, but Anytime Awards is nothing…if you can afford to use this category of award, then you have enough miles in your account to off-set the damage.

  4. Once my miles post from my Citi AA exec promo, Ill keep em around but mostly banking my miles to Alaskan anyways 🙂

  5. @Marshall Jackson. +++. Beaubo taught me that a few years ago. He said that we need to be loyal to ourselves since loyalty in the airline business is a one way street……

  6. Regrettably, I have 3+ million reasons to stick with them – but with eyes wide open. I had been planning a RTW trip using the Oneworld Explorer for 3 years. COunt me devastated, dis-illusioned and feeling like an idiot for being so loyal for so long (EXPLT since ’05). I have NO issue with the changes. Just with the no notice part. On the plus side – i too haven’t seen the economy cabin except in an RJ for ages.

    Now – USAirways – I sincerely hope to never, ever fly them again.

  7. Ha, I like the Greyhound comment. That’s about it – what are you going to do? I fly whichever airline has the most convenient schedule to wherever I am going. For my frequent business trips to Miami, that’s American. I have no other choice if I want a nonstop from the most convenient airport (which of course I do.) I don’t expect anything from them other than to get me there.

  8. EXP here, never missed a single domestic upgrade (9/9 this year), and never missed a single standby even for 3 oversold flights.

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