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Got something on your mind this weekend that you have a question on or want to discuss?  Here’s your chance!  Whether you weekend expresswant to share an interesting travel story, a packing tip, an etiquette tip, or anything else going on in the business travel world, comment here and we’ll have a discussion. (Pictured: Airplanes Games Plane Paper app, free.)

My thoughts and prayers continue to go out to the families and loved ones of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17.  It’s just such a heartbreaking story.  This brings me to my travel tip of the week.

Travel tip of the week:  Stay connected with your family when you travel.  With the tragic news about Malaysia Flight 17 I am reminded of how important it is to stay in touch with your loved ones as much as possible when you travel.  If you need some ideas check out this post I did to help business travelers stay connected to home during travel. 

Week in review:

Here are travel news stories that caught my eye this week:

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.


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  1. Taking you up on the offer to leave a travel tip…

    I just saved a bunch of money by not paying roaming charges on my trip to Brazil. I got this app which allows you to receive phone calls from the USA to your own phone without paying roaming charges. You can also dial local numbers when traveling overseas. So talk, talk, talk.

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