Business travel news roundup

Here are a few of the stories that caught my eye in the last week or so…. news pic bag

I use the FlightAware app all the time. How to Find the Route Your Plane Is Taking. via @wsj

I would love to choose my own room. Hilton lets guests pick rooms, use smartphones as keys. via @usatoday

Will Business Travelers Be Forced To Embrace #Airbnb? via HungryForPoints

Haha.  Hitchhiking Robot Sets Out on Epic Journey Across Canada. via @NBCNews

New York City?!? Would you a plan a trip to one of America’s unhappiest cities?  via @foxnewstravel

Fun article. Sound Like a Seasoned Air Traveler (Even If You’re Not!)  via @milmilesecrets

Interesting. Five myths about flight attendants.  via @usatoday

These are good apps to consider. Best apps to prevent travel mishaps.  via @USATODAY

Readers, anything interesting come across your desk lately?


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