Beauty Monday: Travel hairstyles

I have struggled with my hair since junior high. It’s kind of wavy, not quite curly but definitely not straight. If I want it to look 8-25-14-1better than “blah” I have to do some work. Blowdrying it straight is an option, as is busting out the curling iron. When I’m at home or at a hotel (but not flying) wearing it down is totally fine. But on travel days, especially day trips, I want my air out of my face. The answer is obvious, right: ponytail! Alas, I hate regular (mid-head) ponytails because they make it difficult to rest against the seat. So here are some of my go-to hairstyles for travel days.

Side bun. This is the one I do the most—it’s simple, easy, and can be done when my hair is still damp from the shower. (Here’s a tutorial.)

Low ponytail. This is my super lazy day style, although I usually will wrap some hair around the band to dress it up a bit.

Top knot. If I have a little time, I love top knots for travel days. So pretty and classic!

Side braid. The side braid is the best hairstyle for when I’m traveling internationally, but I use it on domestic trips occasionally. It’s a little more casual but is best for containing my hair.

Twisted. If all I want is to have the front of my hair out of my face I will twist it and then pin it back.

I love the blog The Small Things for medium-length hair tutorials and styling suggestions. The products I usually have on hand are shine serum and curl crème(stored in a spare contact lens case). Although I really need to get some travel hairspray! If you’re interested to see what other things inspire my travel day hairstyles, follow my Pinterest “Hair” board. It’s safe to say I end up with a much tamer version of what’s on there, but the inspiration photos sure are lovely.

Readers, what are your favorite hairstyles for travel days? What hair products do you travel with?


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