How far would you go to sleep comfortably on a plane?

A few months ago I polled you, my dear readers, about the B-Tourist and whether it is crazy or brilliant. Well, the Home Warrior just sent me a Yahoo article about crazy travel gadgets (featuring the B-Tourist), and the stuff people Ostrich pillowcome up with to make sleeping easier on a plane kind of blows my mind. The latest is the Ostrich Pillow by Studio Banana Things.

It’s basically a pillow that you stick your head into, with a hole for your nose and mouth, and two more holes for your hands. It’s…bizarre, to say the least. It seriously looks like an alien head. I don’t see how it could be comfortable at all—I would be afraid I would suffocate in my sleep! Not to mention how hot it must be. Imagine wearing a ski mask made of three inch-thick non-breathable padding. I guess if you were trying to sleep outside in Antarctica….

While I totally get wanting to block everything out so you can sleep, a similar effect could be had with an eye mask, headphones and a white noise app, and a regular travel pillow. All of which could be had for less than the $99 asking price for the Ostrich Pillow.

What say you, readers? Is the Ostrich Pillow crazy or brilliant?

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If you’ve got some time, read the reviews on Amazon. Highly entertaining, to say the least.


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  1. After a particularly rough day at work, I REALLY needed the comic relief this afternoon. I am CRACKING UP at the Amazon reviews—like, I don’t even know where to begin. Did you notice the one from “William Gates” the computer programmer? LOL

    Also per the instructions, please do not smoke while wearing it. hahahaha

  2. I wonder if I can get a settlement from the manufacturer for the chest muscles I pulled laughing lmao while reading the reviews.

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