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I’ve always been a fan of crowd-funding.  I think it’s really awesome that people with great ideas can use crowd-funding as a tool to make their 10-28-14-2idea a reality.  Sure, there’s questionable stuff that is successful through crowd-funding (such as the Potato Salad Kickstarter), but for the most part it seems people are using it legitimately.  A couple of business travel crowd-funding ideas caught my eye last week, the Suitsy and the OLAF scooter.

The Suitsy is a suit onesie for men.  Let me repeat that, the Suitsy is a suit onesie for men!  Once you have the bottom half of the suit you put the jacket on and it connects through a hidden zipper.  The creator of the Suitsy wanted to create a suit that looked professional but still feel like he was wearing jammies. I have to say—it looks like a real suit in the pictures.  Also, I write all the time about how it’s important to wear comfortable clothes while flying.  So if it’s comfortable and looks professional (and is apparently priced well) I could see this as a win-win.  However, there are a couple of drawbacks.  If the TSA asks you to take off your jacket when going through airport security you’ll have to be prepared to explain why you won’t be doing that.  Also, there’s that whole going to the bathroom thing.  When asked about that the creator says, “Everyone has figured it out.  It’s solvable.”  Yeah, I’m sure it is solvable, but sounds like it will be a pain.

Next up is the OLAF scooter.  There are a few different models but the one that caught my eye is the OLAF Business.  The business model is a 3-in-1 hybrid of an airline-approved carry-on suitcase, a trolley, and a kick-scooter.  I have to be honest, I would never use a scooter to get around in the airport.  It sounds fun, but I would feel a little silly scooting my luggage around that way. Not to mention I tend towards klutzy and would probably run someone over (although there is a braking mechanism so maybe I wouldn’t).  Also, I see a lot of pictures of the scooter being used on hard floors, but not seeing any on carpet.  Lots of airports have carpet walkways and I would think the friction from the carpet would really slow the scooting ability down.

Props to the creators of the Suitsy and the OLAF scooter.  These products may not be for everyone, but as a business traveler I respect anyone trying to make the life of a business traveler easier.  I wish the best of luck to both creators.

Readers, would you use the OLAF scooter, and men would you wear the Suitsy?   

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