Beauty Tuesday: BeautyBlender Travel Kit

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People seriously love the BeautyBlender. It’s an oddly shaped makeup sponge—looks like a giant pink teardrop. But all of the reviews I’ve read, from mommy boards to magazines to Amazon, rave about it. It helps to blend liquid makeup quickly and effortlessly, leaving you with a face that looks airbrushed. The reviews say it works with foundation, concealer, and cream eyeshadow and blush. I love this travel kit because you get a BeautyBlender (normally $16) and a travel sized blendercleanser (normally $10) for only $22. A tool that simplifies looking great at home and on the road? Sign me up!

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  1. I just unsubscribed because I am feeling like the majority of your posts are affiliate amazon links on items to buy. :-/

  2. @sarah thanks for the feedback. I try to balance the product posts with the straight advice posts, but I’m not always perfect at it. I do get requests for product recommendations all of the time, so I try to answer those as well. I think over the 1200 or so posts that I’ve done in the last five years it mostly evens out, but I’ll keep trying.

  3. I don’t mind the product posts, even with affiliate links, but the recommendation for a product you haven’t used that isn’t particularly travel-related is a bit much. I love your blog, but I feel like you’ve lost your way this year, with the products, the ebola panic, trying to drum up support for your friend’s AA situation, and the recent tone deaf SW boarding issue.

    All that said, the Beauty Blender is a great product, which I have actually used and am not getting paid to recommend.

  4. I really enjoy reading the roadwarriorette and don’t think there’s any problem with her writing. If she’s making money from doing this then great. It doesn’t cost me money to read so I can’t complain, and don’t know why anyone else would either.

  5. I love the blog, and I don’t begrudge her making money at all. I just think that the blog suffers when making money or venting about personal issues is elevated above the content that draws most people here.

    She can run the blog however she sees fit, but I don’t think I’m the only reader who is dissatisfied lately. It doesn’t cost me money to read, but it does cost me time that I may choose to spend elsewhere.

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