Wardrobe Wednesday: Boots for business travel

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Cooler weather is finally, finally arriving in Texas, which means every lady you see is wearing boots. I’ve been lucky enough to travel north this season and have had plenty of opportunities to wear my beloved boots. Obviously boots may not be the best option for a formal business office, but for business casual boots are great this time of year. Here are a few recommendations for finding the best boots for business travel.

Easy to take off/put on. If you have to take your shoes off for security you don’t want to be that person slowing the whole line down because of your complicated footwear. Make sure that your boots are quick to take off, and once you get through the line grab them and the rest of your stuff and head to a bench. Zipper or pull-on styles work best; buttons and laces get tricky here.

Comfortable. Just like with everything you wear on a travel day, you want your boots to be comfortable. My boots are great for about the first 12 hours; after that it’s not great. The last time I wore them I switched to flats during a layover and was much more comfortable. If that’s not an option than choose something else to wear during travel.

Non-slip. I have a pair of amazing cowboy boots (I am from Texas after all) but for the first, I dunno, six months I had them they were so slick I almost fell each time I wore them. Not super professional, that’s for sure! If you have boots you love that are dangerous to wear take them to your cobbler and they can add a non-slip sole. It cost about $30 to do this for my boots.

A few pairs I love: the Frye Melissa, which is available in a ton of colors along with regular and extended-calf sizes ($262-$382); Nine West Cromie, available in 5 colors and color combos ($135-$168); and the Miz Mooz Brinley, super interesting but still classic enough for most business casual offices, available in black, red, and whiskey ($160).

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  1. Hi Road Warriorette!

    Could you recommend a source (or specific coat) for a zipped, non-belted wool coat that would be truly warm in say -15/-20 degree weather? I don’t fully trust most wool blends and I’m having the hardest time finding something that isn’t boxy or puffy or has buttons that allow air to sneak under the coat for less than $300. I know it’s a tall order, but I appreciate any advice you can offer.

    Thanks and keep up the great work!

  2. Hi GemmyB–Boy, you sure know how to make a girl work! Keep in mind that I’m from Texas and don’t have as much experience in the cold weather department as my sisters who live up north. All I know is that when it’s below freezing I wear my puffy coat and am good to go. Plus when it’s that cold no one cares what you look like–they only care about staying warm!

    My go-to source for cold weather gear is LL Bean. They have some gorgeous coats plus they tell you what temperature you can wear it in while still staying warm. Unfortunately none of the wool coats had zippers. There were some gorgeous (slimline) puffers and some nylon coats with lining, both of which had zippers. I found plenty of wool coats with zippers, but none that gave the temperature rating like LL Bean. Here are a few of my faves from both categories.

    LL Bean puffer
    LL Bean Commuter Coat
    LL Bean Ultrawarm coat
    Via Spiga Sexy Walking Coat
    Michael Kors Hooded Zip Front coat
    CiChic Round Neck Wool Coat
    Good luck!!!

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