CONTEST CLOSED Giveaway! What’s your favorite travel toiletry product and why?

A few months ago I did a contest that was geared towards finding out what my readers’ favorite carry-on luggage brands are and why. 12-5-14-112-5-14-2
The goal was to help business travelers who are looking to purchase carry-on luggage make a decision.  We had many great responses so I would like to do the same thing with a very tricky packing area: travel toiletries.

There are many types of travel toiletries out there, and knowing what is needed and not can be a daunting task. I love all of my hair and skin products, but my favorite travel toiletry is my Smashbox Makeup Primer.  It keeps my makeup in place during my longest travel days.  (Read my post on Smashbox Makeup Primer here.)  My other favorite travel toiletry products are my Burt’s Bees Face Wipes.  They make it quick and easy to take my makeup off even when I’m exhausted.  (Read my post on Burt’s Bees Face Wipes here.)

A few of my other favorites:

  • Intuition razor—shaving cream and razor in one!
  • Aveda Tinted Moisturizer—moisturizer and coverage in one! (I’m sensing a two-in-one theme here…)
  • And while I love my regular curling iron, I’m really hoping someone will give me a good travel curling iron for Christmas (ahem, Home Warrior!!)

So at this point you may be wondering, what does the winner get??  The winner of the contest will get to choose 3 products from our $20 or Less Travel Product Guides as their prize.  (10 Travel Hair Products under $20; 10 Business Travel Products $20 and under.) All you have to do to enter is leave a comment answering the following question: What is your favorite travel toiletry or grooming product and the reason it’s your favorite (the more specific you can be the better). The contest will end on Wednesday, December 10 with the winner chosen randomly shortly after. Only one entry per person, and U.S. residents only).

Good luck!!


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  1. Venus razor – allergic to fragrance and this solves the problem of not being able to use shave gel!

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