Most debated topic this year: Etiquette

Well, 2014 is coming to a close.  It has been an interesting year on the blog, with plenty of comments, debates, and interesting anecdotes. Not a12-31-14-2 huge surprise, the most hotly debated posts all related to etiquette (pictured is a book written by one of my favorite etiquette bloggers Patricia Rossi). Here are four of the posts with the best discussions from 2014.

It seems like every time I go to Vegas I see people displaying what I consider to be less than stellar travel etiquette. Maybe it’s because so big many infrequent travelers go there? Last week’s trip was no exception……continue reading

Flying home last week was an interesting experience. One of the exciting things was that it was the first domestic AA flight I’ve been on that has individual entertainment systems at each seat. That certainly made the four hour flight more fun! But the most interesting stuff happened at the beginning…..continue reading

During my Manila trip last November I got upgraded to business class at the last moment, literally as I was walking onto the plane. I was hugely relieved of course; it would have been very difficult to go straight to work after landing if I had spent the night in coach. I was in the middle seat, between another lady traveling for work and a man traveling with his family.  I knew the man was traveling with his family because when I got to my seat he was visiting with his wife and baby. I assumed they were sitting across the aisle and was about to offer to switch spots with them when he said, “Okay honey, see you when we land!” The wife took the baby and went back to coach while the husband got comfortable in his business class seat. …..continue reading

A question that comes up frequently is if travelers should tip hotel housekeeping, and if so how much should they tip. This discussion has come up again with the announcement that Marriott is partnering with Maria Shriver to start leaving envelopes in their rooms suggesting that hotel guests tip housekeeping. According to travel tipping etiquette, a good housekeeping tip is $1-3 per night.  Some people recommend leaving a tip daily, as the person cleaning your room may change from day to day.….continue reading



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  1. I encountered a new one flying back this week. I take an aisle seat because I have a herniated disk in my back. I need to stretch my leg out occasionally to relieve the cramping. I was flying Southwest which allows you to pick your seats. I sat down in a row where the window seat was already occupied (the passenger clearly chose this seat). No problem, right? The window person joined the middle seat person for a drink-fest on a 4 hour flight. They drank 3 cans of beer, a gin and tonic, and a run. You know what happens next. I had to get up to let them use the toilet on at least 4 different occasions. I was watching movies on my tablet so I had to stop, unwire myself, get up, and stand in the aisle.
    Look, if you are going to do a lot of drinking at altitude then get yourself an aisle seat. You WILL have to pee.

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