Preventing dry skin during travel

During winter it feels like every molecule of my body just dries up. Between the lack of humidity and the changing temperatures all the moisture Aveeno moisturizerin my skin just disappears. Travel makes this even worse—arid airplane air leaves my skin feeling more parched than ever. Many years I don’t take preventative measures and end up with cracked skin, but this year I’m getting ahead of the problem. Here is how I’m keeping my skin hydrated this winter when I’m on the road.

Drink lots of water. Sometimes I feel like I tout water as the magical fix-all tool—but for me, everything feels better when I’m hydrated. During travel it’s important to increase your water intake even more, drinking approximately 8 oz for every hour you’re in flight. The Home Warrior got me this awesome Brita water bottle with a built in filter, so I have no excuse not to drink enough water during travel anymore!

Take care of your hands. On top of all of the environmental factors, frequent winter handwashing can strip the skin in your hands of even more moisture. Lady Light Travel sent me an email recommending Honey House Natural Solid Lotion—she said it goes on slightly sticky but absorbs into your skin, and that it’s water-resistant so you don’t have to reapply after every wash. The best time to apply is when your skin is damp. (If it’s too late and your hands are already cracking, try these dry skin repair tips.)

Intensify your moisturizer. For the rest of your body, go up a level on your moisturizer. For example, if you typically use lotion try body cream. On my extra-dry areas (my upper arms, for some reason) I go even more intense and use Aveeno Baby Eczema Moisturizing Cream (we bought it for my son originally but now I use it because it’s so great). The same goes for your face. During the summer I just use my Aveda Tinted Moisturizer, but in the winter I also use a face cream. Otherwise my skin is dry and flaky!

Lip balm everywhere. The place I feel winter the most is on my lips. During the summer I usually have a lip balm in my purse, but during the winter I also have one on my desk, by my bed, and in the living room by the couch. When I travel in addition to the one in my purse I have one in my toiletry bag, makeup bag, and suitcase pocket. The more convenient lip balm is the more likely I am to use it! My current favorite is EOS Evolution of Smooth—the round shape and light color make it easier to keep track of in my bag, plus the mint is so soothing.

It’s not always easy to defeat dry skin, but beating it to the punch is a great start.

Readers, how do you keep dry winter skin at bay during travel?


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  1. I recommend Rosebud Salve for travel. It travels as a “solid” (so no need to bag it with liquids) and can be used to moisturize anything in transit or on the ground. It is a retro product and is still packaged in the same tin I remember first seeing it in years ago.

  2. Mint lip balm after hand washing. Rub a little on one palm and massage all over both hands, including cuticles.

  3. Sometimes hotels offer free humidifiers, I did this once in Vegas when my lips, skin were incredibly dry. Worked like a charm!

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