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One of my favorite subjects to write about is travel etiquette.  When you travel week after week you notice a lot of questionable behaviors.  In my 1-23-15-2goal to make the skies a little friendlier I share my observations about etiquette at an airport to etiquette at a hotel, and everything in-between.  After the seat reclining incident happened last summer I made a suggestion that maybe airlines should have video monitors on the jet bridge that show videos of in-flight etiquette scenarios as a way to make travelers aware of issues we see in the skies.  Well, we still don’t have that (and probably never will) but jetBlue may have given us the next closest thing for now.

As of right now there are two flight etiquette videos on YouTube from jetBlue.  The first video is of a man essentially sleeping on his seatmate in some pretty awkward positions.  The second video is of a woman that drank too many liquids and is trying to figure out how to get past her two sleeping seatmates from the window seat to get to the lav.

Okay, the videos are pretty silly, but hooray for jetBlue on taking on flight etiquette.  One problem though, they don’t fully address the problem.  The videos show what not to do, but not what to do in these situations.  JetBlue has said the point of the videos is to get passengers to start a conversation about etiquette instead of providing the answers to the problems.

If jetBlue is going to leave it to the passengers to figure it out then here’s what I would do. If someone is sleeping on you by all means wake them up gently, and politely (so you avoid the air rage) let them know they’re leaning on you.  If they continue to do this get a flight attendant involved (jetBlue may have to address this after all!).  To address the second video if you need to get past two sleeping passengers from the window seat again I would politely wake up the passengers to get by.  If you are planning on chugging drinks however (or have an over active bladder like the Home Warrior does) choose an aisle seat instead, or see if the person with the aisle seat on your row will switch with you (simply say you have to get up a lot during flights).

If you aren’t familiar with how to choose your own seat (assuming you’re not flying Southwest where seats are not assigned) see this post I did on how to pick your seat online.  If you want answers to more travel etiquette questions check out all the different posts I’ve done on this subject here.  Below are the etiquette videos from jetBlue.  Enjoy!

Readers, how would you handle these situations?  



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  1. I’ve had the 2nd one happen to me – the person downed several cans of beer and then spent the rest of the flight getting up/down/up/down.

    The problem with these videos is that they are missing a crucial item – the correct way to act! Unless you are providing an alternative behavior you’re not doing anything more than making fun of people. Hardly instructional.

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