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Hey readers! Got a question or something you want to discuss this weekend?  Here’s the perfect opportunity!  Whether you want to share an Weekend Express picinteresting travel story, a packing tip, an etiquette tip, or anything else going on in the business travel world, comment here and we’ll have a discussion.

Travel tip of the week:

  • If you are going on a long business trip or vacation and a coworker is backing you up while you travel consider bringing them back a small present as a token of your appreciation.  It’s not easy to back someone up when they’re out of the office so a little present is a nice way to show you understand their sacrifice for you.

Week in review:

Here are travel news stories that caught my eye this week:

Comment of the week:

“If the table was big enough, I would have asked to sit with them. That’s considered socially awkward in the US, but I’ve noticed is common in other parts of the world. Actually, I might have asked to share even if it wasn’t big enough and struck up a conversation with his kid just to be annoying.

Readers, chime in with what’s on your mind! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

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