5 travel power devices under $15 that every business traveler needs

These days electronics are critical to business travelers. But the portable nature of most of them means that at some jackerypoint we will have to recharge batteries. How do you keep your devices powered up without filling your suitcase with chargers? Here are five travel power devices I keep with me on all trips.

  1. Mobile charger. This little device has saved me on more than one occasion!! It’s super small but will charge your phone or tablet on the go. Mine is a Jackery Mini but there are plenty of brands out there. Definitely something you need in your briefcase!
  2. USB multi charging adapter. The first time I saw this 4-in-1 cord it was like a lightbulb went off in my brain. It’s such a great way to cut down on the number of chargers you need to pack! I used to pack one for my phone and iPad, one for my Kindle, and one for my iPad keyboard. Not anymore! Now I can charge two or more devices at once, saving time and suitcase space. (Here’s an option if you like to have a longer cord.)
  3. Mini surge protector. The best way to make friends at an airport or conference? Make one plug into three with a mini surge protector. It’s small but mighty!
  4. USB car charger. If you’ll be driving any distance this little guy will come in handy. I need my phone GPS basically everywhere I go but I have run down my battery more than once. It also works on planes with this type plug, especially helpful when you’re stuck on a runway for hours and need to stream movies on your phone….
  5. Universal adapter. I used to travel with a bag full of international plug adapters, never sure which one I would need when I arrived at my destination. Now I use this handy all-in-one adapter, saving space and headache.

Readers, what power devices do you keep on hand at all times?

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