Poll: Do you wait for people putting up their suitcase?

Victorinox werks dual casterDuring my flights last week I feel like I saw both the best and the worst behavior while people were trying to put up their suitcases. The first flight out was not full, but as is typical the bins up front filled up quickly. Passenger after passenger had to take their bag to the middle or back and then fight their way back to the front. During all of this I was struck by how many people didn’t wait for someone to put their bag up, even when they were just going a couple of rows back.

Here are  my thoughts  about  waiting for people when they  are putting up their suitcase. When the person in front of me has to go further back than their row I will wait at their seat and see how far they go. If they are only going a row or two back, and they’re not going past my row, I think it’s polite to just wait. If you don’t wait for them at their seat you’ll still have  to wait while they put their bag up, and then they will have to swim upstream to get back to their seat which takes extra time. If it looks like they are going farther than a few rows, or  at least past your row, I think it’s okay to go ahead and sit down. Unless, of course, you have to follow them to the back so you can put up your bag as well.

Based on my observations last week not everyone agrees with me! So I thought I would ask you guys.

If someone has to go past their row to put up their suitcase, do you wait for them at their seat?

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  1. I am Diamond with Delta. I board first, so I never have to wait. I guess I’m mean, but I wouldn’t wait if I was boarding on one of the later groups. I tire quickly of people and their luggage. It seems to me that people expect everyone to bend over backwards to accommodate them and their issues…..too many bags, too large bags, bags that should be under the seat in the overheads…..it’s like the rules don’t apply to them. And don’t get me started about people rolling over my feet, ramming luggage into my legs, turning around while boarding and their bags falling on my head!

  2. I wait, every time. It’s not like it causes me a huge amount of pain to stand in place for 2 minutes. I’m willing to do nothing for a couple minutes to help out a fellow traveler.

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