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Cole HaanIt was my birthday a few  weeks ago, and my sweet family gave me some cash to go shopping  with. Alone. I haven’t been shopping for myself, much less alone, in longer than I can remember. So this was a huge luxury! I headed  off to Nordstrom Rack, hoping to score some deals on cute things.

Shoes are one of the true loves of my life (in addition to, like, my husband and children). Sometimes Nordstrom Rack has a terrible, worthless selection of shoes. And sometimes the Rack is a shining beacon of  beautiful footwear choices. On this particular trip, it was thankfully the latter. Hooray! I quickly grabbed a basket and started trying things on.

After about twenty minutes I realized something. Almost every pair of shoes I tried on and kept in my basket was Cole Haan. There were wedges. Ballet flats. Patent. Two tone. Black. Nude. They were all just so cute, and so surprisingly comfortable.

If you’ve read this blog for a while, you may have realized that I never, ever wear heels. I have a balance problem and just can’t wear them, especially not for travel. But these Cole Haan Elsie wedges were so comfortable and changed my mind! Sanity prevailed: I knew couldn’t just buy three $100 pairs of shoes, heels no less, without trying a pair on a business trip first. So I started with these lovely Elsie peep-toe Cole Haan balletwedges in black and these two-toned ballet flats.

I wore the wedges last week on a trip and they were adorable and awesome. Now I’m ready to go (a little) crazy and buy another pair? But do I want patent? Nude? Navy? Hot pink???

Cole Haan shoes are great for a couple of reasons. First, they have a variety of sizes, including 10.5 and wide sizes. I am a 10.5 in the wedges but a 10W in the flats. They also have special technology in the soles that makes them  more comfortable than your typical shoes. The Manhattan flats I put on were the softest, most supportive shoes I’ve ever tried on. Granted, full  price Cole Haans run $150-200, but between Nordstrom Rack, Amazon, and 6pm I found a lot of them on sale, even up to half off. If you are looking for a comfortable pair of great shoes for business travel then you should give these a try!

Readers, what are your favorite brands of shoes for business travel?

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  1. I view footwear as I do clothing – the investment in quality, style and comfort is worth it. I do shop the Rack and sales for my favorite brands, Cole Haan also being one of my top choices. If my feet aren’t happy I’m not happy.

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