My spring business travel uniform

It’s getting to be that time again. Spring and summer are typically my busiest travel seasons, for some reason. I’m on the road two or three weeks per month for the foreseeable future. That means that I need things to be as easy as possible, basically all the time, especially when it comes to packing. During less busy times I love to spend time planning outfits and thinking about packing lists. But right now I need to conserve my brain power however possible! This means capsule wardrobes and a business travel uniform are the name of the game. In the summer I usually wear dresses on most travel days, but right now the weather is still iffy enough that I prefer pants (hello, snow in New York a couple of weeks ago??). My current travel day uniform consists of slacks, an interesting yet professional blouse, a completer piece, and my go to flats.

spring business travel uniform

Slacks. I am a big fan of Old Navy’s Pixie pants for travel days. They are super comfortable as they basically feel like thick leggings, and in the darker colors are surprisingly flattering (I have black and navy).  And the price can’t be beat! I also love the Ann Taylor Kate ankle slacks. They are a nice weight–heavy enough to hang nicely but not so heavy they get too hot.

Blouse. This season I have fallen in love with Pleione. Their magic tunics look amazing with fitted slacks, and flatter basically everyone. The mixed media one is my favorite, as it’s a more formal fabric on the front but comfortable jersey in the back. There are short sleeved options too, which have been great for layering under a cardigan or blazer. I’ve also found some nice mixed-media shirts at Ann Taylor.Another current favorite: the navy version of this lace sleeve tee from Old Navy. It’s not appropriate for most offices on its own, but I love it under a cardigan for day-to-night looks.

Completer piece. I love the Caulson knit blazer at Nordstrom. It’s comfortable, available in a range of sizes and colors, and well priced. Of course, my first love will always be the 3/4 sleeve crew-neck cardigan.

Flats. I still basically wear my nude flats every single travel day. They are comfortable and literally go with every thing I own. Sometimes I will feel adventurous and wear my leopard flats, but nude usually wins the day.

With this formula I will always look put together and professional, but I don’t have to use any precious brainpower. Hooray! Someday when things slow down I will be creative again but until that day, bring on the uniform.

Readers, do you have a travel uniform?



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