Travelers rejoice! Netflix to allow offline streaming.

netflix-1Just in time for the crazy holiday travel season, Netflix has announced that they will be allowing offline streaming of their movies and shows. What does this mean? All you have  to do is upgrade the Netflix app on your phone or tablet, and when you select certain movies or shows you will have the option to download and watch later. No change to your subscription needed.

People who travel often know that streaming tv and movies can netflix-2helppass the time on a layover or long security line. Now you can watch your shows while you’re in the air too! No wifi on your regional jet? No problem! I do predict that this will lead to a decline in productivity, but an increase in overall traveler happiness.

On a related note, we just finished watching Luke Cage. It was great, beautifully shot with fantastic music. Unfortunately it’s not available for offline streaming, but I still highly recommend it. Now I need suggestions for a new show!

Readers, do you watch streaming tv and movies when you travel? What are you watching these days?


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