Must-have gear for new business travelers (from a fellow Road Warrior)

Travelpro 10Last week I shared some great tips I got from Reader H for making business travel easier. She started traveling for nearly full-time for work last summer, and generously took the time to list out a lot of the things that have made her successful. This week I’m going to highlight some of her must-have gear for new business travelers. Next week I will share her style and clothing suggestions.


I bought the Travelpro Crew10 Expandable Spinner. It changed my life. The magna-track wheels are a DREAM. I swear. It has seriously changed my travel LIFE. It makes my day SO much easier. And since some weeks I’m in as many as 3-4 different airports I can honestly say it  works everywhere and fits in every overhead bin. Did I mention it changed my life?  I put my Lo and Sons bag over the handle and breeze thru the airport pushing it with one finger. Road Warriorette wrote her only complaint is that sometimes it rolls SO well that it needs a kickstand to stop it on the slightest incline.  I say it’s a small price to pay for such amazing rolling comfort.


I have an older version of the Bose noise-cancelling ear buds, I use them EVERY flight, even if I’m not listening to music I put them in and turn on the noise cancelling feature. I arrive much more rested than when I don’t use them. WORTH EVERY PENNY. I’m considering investing in their new Bluetooth version, I asked Santa for them but he didn’t deliver…sigh…sometimes you just gotta take matters into your own hands. I prefer the ear buds because they are smaller than the headphones, and i’m doing everything I can to make my laptop bag as light as possible.


Plantronics Voyager 5200 Bluetooth Headset (for making phone calls). I tested MANY bluetooth headsets because I’m on the phone ALL the time in noisy airports. HANDS DOWN this one was the best. No one could hear all the background mania that was happening and it also has a VERY handy charging case (sold separately) that charges it repeatedly.


Power on the Go: I am in Tech and have LOADS of cords, chargers and more, but I just bought this new Jackery Bar. It’s a little bit heavier than I had hoped it would be, but it charges like a champ and I can get nearly 3 full iPhone 6S charges out if it!  

Many thanks, Reader H!!

Readers, are there any products you  would recommend to new business travelers?


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  1. I swear by my Knomo Curzon. When I moved to a week-away working pattern, I actually used your blog for tips on a nice-looking laptop bag, and I was originally going for the Lo & Son OMG, but it’s tricky to get them in Europe. My Curzon packs anything from the weekend kit to stuff for a two-day business jaunt… …not to mention the odd bottle of wine, and is the by far the lightest dressy business/laptop bag I’ve ever used. Amazingly, the design of the interior pockets is very userfriendly: I don’t think I’ve ever been able to keep a work bag this organised for this long before! So thank you for indirectly putting me on the right track there!

  2. For battery charges, I rely on the bigger ones (15,000-20,000 mAh) which will charge your iPhone many times over (the iPhone 7 is 1,960 mAh).
    Just got the Mophie 20,000 mAh. Feel like I can travel the full week without bringing a socket adapter.

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