3 Clothing Must Haves for Business Travel

One of the things that constantly surprises me in how many emails  I get asking clothes I pack on my business trips. Finding outfits that look professional but pack well is definitely a learned skill! After over ten years on the road (wow time flies) I’ve got a lot of packing tricks in my pocket. Check out my clothing must haves for business travel.

must have clothing

  1. Ponte dresses. My absolute favorite item for business travel. Ponte is heavy enough to skim your figure, not clinging too much or highlighting any flaws, yet comfortable enough for an 18-hour travel and work marathon. I have ponte dresses from Boden, Ann Taylor, Nordstrom, and everywhere in between. One of my current favorites is this one in navy from Anne Klein.
  2. Cardigans. Less formal and easier to pack than a jacket, but still bring a level of polish to your outfit. Cardigans are available literally everywhere, at all price points, in  virtually all colors, and in a huge variety of styles. When I need a little extra something I’ll wear a cardigan/blazer hybrid like this one.
  3. Smoothing shorts. There are a million and one reasons to wear smoothing shorts under your dresses, and the actual smoothing is just one of them. They also offer an additional layer of protection against wardrobe malfunctions or that TSA pat-down. My favorites are Jockey Skimmies, which I’ve had for years and still fit perfectly.
  4. Comfortable flats. This is a bonus, since technically shoes aren’t clothes. 😉 If you are one of those lucky ladies who can dash through the airport in heels good for you! I am not those people. I wish I could use the excuse that I’m on my feet a lot for my job (which is true!) but mostly it’s because I have bad balance and fall a lot. (Pro tip: falling during a presentation to a client is not exactly the impression you want to make. Not that I know from experience. Ahem. Anyway…) My favorite flats are by Cole Haan–like walking on delightful clouds!

Readers, what are your clothing must haves for business travel?


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  1. a loud scarf! preferably one with a hidden pocket. good for eye coverage when sleeping on a plane, a draft, and generally distracting people from realizing you’re wearing the same dress every day. 🙂

  2. I have become a big fan of MM LaFleur – great professional clothing and some of it is even machine washable. I tend to prefer pants for a lot of my travel as I can mix / match more (and no one ever notices if I wear the same pair of pants multiple days. I use scarves a lot to bring some color or a bit of personal style to my outfits.

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