Business travel news roundup

coffee cupHere are the stories that caught my eye in the last week or so….

Tips on managing a problem very familiar to business travelers. How to Function at Work Without Sleep. via@Corporette

This is scary.  New terrorist laptop bombs may evade airport security, intel sources say.  via @CNNTravel

This article has some good tips. How to avoid getting sick on an airplane.   via @FoxNewsTravel

Some of these tips could help biz travelers too. How to Feel at Home on the Road.  via @nytimestravel

Good info to know. Those Pesky Airline Fees & How to Avoid Them. via @nytimestravel

A very interesting perspective that I can relate to. Why I Gave Up on my Debt Free Dream. via @DailyWorth

Some great looks for areas still stuck in winter. Skirt Outfits for Cold Weather. via @TravelFashionGirl


In love with the spring outfits built around olive pants. Outfits With Olive Jeans in the Spring. via@PuttingMeTogether.


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