Closed. Giveaway! What is your favorite luggage brand?

Briggs and RileyThis giveaway is closed. Thanks for reading!

A few years back we asked readers what their favorite  luggage brand was and why. We received a lot of wonderful feedback and it has become one of Road Warriorette’s most popular posts. Seems like it’s time to get an update from everyone, including myself. And there’s potentially something in it for you!

If you are looking for a carry-on for flying primarily in the US, it’s best to purchase a bag that fits within the airline carry-on guidelines of 22”x9”x14”. A few other things to keep in mind:

  • Quality construction.
  • Weight
  • Size
  • Roominess
  • Handle length
  • Good pockets and dividers
  • Spinner wheels
  • Easy to navigate in crowded airports

(For more details on how to choose the best carry-on, see my Guidelines for Choosing a Rollaboard Suitcase.)

In my 10+ years on the road I’ve used four brands, and I can recommend them all without reserve: Ogio, Victorinox. Eagle Creek, and Travelpro. In addition, Briggs and Riley is consistently toward the top of any favorite luggage list.

While those are the brands I’ve had direct experience with, my fabulous readers have introduced me to luggage brands I never knew existed! My goal here is to create a list of people’s favorites and why, so travelers who are looking to buy a quality carry-on can get good info about the different brands.

So readers, please leave a comment about which carry-on luggage brand is your favorite and why. If possible, please provide a specific model with a link for where to find it.  Now the exciting part!  On May 1 I’ll randomly choose a comment and the winner will receive an  Amazon gift card worth $125! This giveaway is limited to US residents only and you must be at least 18 years of age (sorry!).  The announcement of the winner will be done by a post on my blog so follow me on Twitter to know when my winner announcement post is live.

Remember, the more specific you are the more helpful it will be to people looking to buy a new carry-on. Bookmark this link if you think you may be in the market soon!

Not sure which ones you like? Here is a pretty comprehensive list from Amazon.

Here are some of the favorites mentioned last time. Is your favorite on this list?



Readers, what is your favorite luggage brand?


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  1. anything by eagle creek. solid. dependable. and if anything goes wrong, their warranty is easy to execute!

  2. I can only afford something under $200 and TLS Mother Lode Mini 21″ Wheeled Duffel by is a perfect carry-on. Lightweight, durable and spacious.

  3. Tumi! I just replaced mine with another Tumi after five years of very heavy use. Light and sturdy and always fits in the overhead.

  4. I have the Travelpro 21″ crew 11 spinner you linked in the post. I love it! I’ve had it for a year with weekly work travel and I haven’t had any issues. Definitely recommend!

  5. I have used Samsonite the most, and it truly does last forever.. I grew up with in an adventurous family, and always went on vacations and trips.. I’ll be danged if I don’t still have them.. 30 years later.. a couple dings, but still in top notch condition.

  6. Price not an issue: Briggs & Riley. The construction is out of this world and the company warranties it like you cannot believe.

    Price an issue: Delsey. It is very good luggage and can be found (not at the mall) for a very decent price. Non spinner luggage only.

  7. I’ve only ever had Samsonite so can’t really say if other brands are better. Seems like the luggage conveyor belt chewed up my luggage in Taiwan and the contents survived so I guess it did its job (the airline replaced my luggage at no cost)

  8. I have the Travel Pro Max Lite rollerboard carry on. It’s very sturdy and rolls well, even better than some spinners I’ve seen. Even though it is just a carry on, it seems to have quite a bit of packing capacity.

  9. Anything in the from Samsonite in the Hardside Spinner category! The small ones fit in every overhead bin I have tried and if you have to gatecheck, it’s super sturdy.

  10. I use a Travelpro spinner that is quite nice but I’m hoping to upgrade to a Briggs & Riley soon!

  11. Samsonite! Accessible, all sorts of styles, sizes, and colors. Decently constructed and good for occasional travel.

  12. Travel Pro Spinner! Have them in multiple sizes, they last forever and are the best bang for the buck.

  13. Kirkland Signature upright 21.5″ carry-on for $100. Excellent quality, return policy and great size and ease of packing with just enough pockets.

  14. I have 2 travelpro crews (carry ons) that I (ok, the airlines) have beat to death, and they still take more. I also have a Briggs and Riley 20 or 21″ that I found at a second hand store ($35!!) that I use now almost every week. It looks the same as it did when I bought it used a year ago.

    I just bought a 24″ TravelProMaxlite4. My son will take that to China for 5 weeks…we’ll see how it does.

    My Eagle Creek duffel has been everywhere and is as hardy as the first day.

    Lastly I have a TUMI large wheeled duffel. While it does a good job, the internal frame of the unit comes apart.

    All in all – my heart belongs to TravelPro – if you buy the higher end of their line.

  15. Briggs and Riley, the 20″ carry on. The expansion gussets mean you can pack a week’s worth of stuff, and the ever-expanding toiletries, cosmetics and other “stuff” that accumulate for a constant traveler fit with no problem. It’s sturdy, attractive, light enough. I bought the even smaller version and use it for quick trips when I know the overhead space will be minimal. There are so many similar bags that I suggest adding something colorful to the handle so you can pick yours easily.

  16. Love my Travelpro Platinum Magna 22″ Rollaboard (not spinner). The durability has been top notch despite a reasonable price. My wife has a similar spinner, but I value the hardiness of two fixed wheels and improved handling on rougher surfaces over the maneuverability of the spinner.

  17. I love using the TravelPro 21″ spinner you recommended. The wheels are AMAZING and I feel like I’m just whizzing through the airport. I also really like the USB charging feature and use it more often than I originally thought I might. All of my other luggage is Briggs & Riley. I swapped to them after having 4 pieces of cheap luggage in a row fall apart on me. Briggs & Riley’s warranty is great – no matter what happened to it or who did it, they will fix it. For a LIFETIME! It’s the kind of luggage I could pass on to someone else and it’d still be in good condition.

  18. My husband gave me a Samsonite Silhouette Sphere 2 Softside 19 Inch Spinner for Christmas and I LOVE it. It’s lightweight, the wheels are so nice, and the construction of the bag means that I’m not worried about it when I’ve stuffed it far beyond capacity. Once it goes on sale again, we’re getting a matching one for him.

  19. Eagle Creek is my current favorite. Their bags are good quality, lightweight and they have a no-fault warranty which is super helpful when most of my travel is to places and on airlines with less than stellar customer service.

  20. pacsafe like its name says has all kinds of safety feature built into the case. its lightweight and sturdy.

  21. Samsonite. I have tried other comparable priced ones and always go back to my 15 year old Samsonite. It has literally been around the world and keeps working well. In may not look pretty with all the scrapes and missing logo tags, but it is super sturdy and reliable!

  22. My carry-on luggage for business trips is a Lodis briefcase, the Audrey Brera (Zappos), in red leather, since I always, always check my luggage. It is beautiful, capacious, very good quality leather, and, after 3 years, never shows a scratch. I have 2 Lodis bags-the first, bought in 2006, still looks like new. After flying commercial regularly for 62 years my aim is to carry-on as little as possible and check the rest. Since I am a private pilot, I respect weight & balance considerations, like to board and deplane quickly, and baggage is what the hold is for…. Consequently I always check. My checked bag is a Briggs & Riley spinner and I like it a lot. I would definitely consider the Briggs & Riley holdall as my carry-on for non-business trips. However, after years of travel, I prefer a non-wheeled bag in the end-they are easier to move without twisting one’s arms, and easier to pack. If I were to change brands it would be to Rimowa since I like to buy the highest quality possible, keep things for a long time, and get repairs as needed.

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